Tuesday, October 13, 2009

With Given Time

Broken Side of Time - Alberta Cross

The production is bigger and cleaner but the heart is still very much in tact. They may be yankees via the brits in makeup, but they are every bit southern in focus and delivery.

Many songs off the breaktrhough EP (Thief and Heartbreaker) are still present and are presented in a "cleaner around the edges" manner and the new tracks show a band on the path to bigger things. ATX shows a shraper more guitar driven approach and it plays well to make the bands sound more robust, lending nicely to a live performance. Rise From the Shadows is a steady song and one that helps strengthen the second half of the album. A good mix of songs, just wish there were more new tracks.

They have the makings of a band that could go the route of a Band of Horses and be road warriors long enough to be of the MMJ elk; but they have a lot of the ambtion of a Kings of Leon. Let's hope they follow the path of the former.


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Matt McConnell said...

I saw them play this past Friday and thought they were great live. I was a huge fan of the EP and enjoyed the louder sound that the new album brought to a live show. Granted, I was about two feet from the lead singer, Petter. Yes, his name is Petter.