Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cooler Than You Are

The annual 'hot shit on the scene fest' is fast approaching and the bands, their venues, the sponsor and the times are posted. I won't be one of the lucky ones going...as always, but I do love to make my way through the list of bands to find new acts to eat up and spit out like everyone else does.
Look for labels you enjoy and find pairings of bands you dig. I.e if you like Grizzly Bear, stick around because you'll get to see Elvis Perkins in Dearland, and who knows, possibly even hear a band that's better than both!
Yes it's obsessvie, but it can be oh so rewarding when you discover your new listening gem.

NIN to call it quits?

Trent posts word of a full circle for the band, 20 years in the making. Announcing a final run of shows, stripped down to the core and just designed for music and good music. Old friends, Jane's Addiction have agreed to joing them on the run, paying homage to NIN's start as a band on Lollapalooza all those years ago.

NIN will be at Bonnaroo this year, I'll need to catch them before it's too late.

Read Trent's word.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Classic Review

In light of Jejune's comment I want to affirm that my readers have had the pleasure of reading this classic Onion article.

Pitchfork Gives Music 6.8

A Perfect Album?

With as little traffic as this blog receives it is foolish to direct readers to other successful, competent blogs and music sites, but who am I kidding here? If nothing else this blog serves as a jump board for a handful of my friends to find out a few little tidbits about bands and pop culture they likely will find out somewhere else later anyways.

That being said, I obviously troll the Internet on my down time at work and grab hold of things that catch my attention. I try to stay away from every little blurb that comes out like, is Joaquin Phoenix really the mad hatter? and Ryan Adams is going to marry Mandy Moore...too well covered, no longer a reason to reread about it here. Occasionally I can't help but throw my two cents worth in even when that dead horse has been loaded up, trucked off and dumped in a new location I am not afraid to break in and give it one more swuft blow (see: Merriweather Post Pavillion review).

I find myself today posting a link to the exact transcript of an album review that instead of mocking myself by trying to put it in my own words, I'll simply secede to an excellent review of an excellent album.

Pitchfork dropped a 10 this morning; the first I've ever seen. I must say, given all the premise and hoopla that comes with Pitchfork I am impressed and somewhat humbled by the album they chose to give this distinction to.

Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys

I am not worthy of this album. But instead of going on and on here (if you read this blog at all you already know I am down with the B-Boys, or you can just find the two t-shirts that I still keep in my drawer at home).

A perfect 10? Why not?

Friday, February 6, 2009


And some may choose to listen, maybe.

Interesting garble from former rock god current punchline. He's been through a lot and he has a curt and raw way to express himself and his views on GNR, the record industry, his past, his future, Slash, and fucking shit.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bright Is the Music

Dark Was the Night - Various Artists (all super duper cool indie acts though)

Dark Was the Night has been getting plenty of Internet buzz and rightly so, it's practically a attendance sheet for who's attending the "in scene" for 2009 indie music. There is plenty of new material here from the standard bands in the business, most of which is really damn good. There's the whole notion of this being a charitable album as well, so that gives it even more credence.

The album is produced by Aaron and Bryce Dressner of the National in association with the founder of the Red Hot Organization. The sweep of styles and approaches makes for a compelling listen that doesn't drag or lull ever. The songs are interesting in structure, length, originality and feel. The title comes from an old Blind Willie Johnson tune, which is featured on the album, along with several other covers and remakes.

The bands seem be having fun with themselves, pushing creative limits and breaking out of the shell of writing songs for an album, rather a stand alone track to can just let loose.

Since it's a compilation it is difficult to rate the album as a whole, not just to those artists that blow the door off the hinge and those that played it safe. So, in just accreditation, I am reviewing each track with a few words and a * to ***** ranking. * of course being the opposite of *****, which is of course awesome. I'll review the most worthy tracks.

Knotty Pine - Dirty Projectors and David Byrne: From the onset you realize this album is taking itself seriously and putting forth real music from eltie artists. Knotty Pine is one of the strongest tracks on the album. I'm not overly familiar with DP but they have certain sensibilities that flush up perfectly with King Bynre. ****

Cello Song - The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez: Playful pop tune that works well with the vibe of the album, I like this track more with each listen. the vocals are crisp and rolling. ***

Train Song - Feist + Ben Gibbard (DCFC): Great rendition of this x song. Feist just has such a beautiful voice, soulful and smart with the right amount of lift. Ben does a great job of balancing, but his voice has grown raspier of late, lost are the sweet whisper tunes of DCFC. ****

Brackett, WI - Bon Iver: Bon Iver is going to have a big year, very big. He has a formula and it simply works. The more ghostly his vocals the more endearing the song. The arrangement on this track keeps the song progressing at a great tempo. ***

Deep Blue Sea - Grizzly Bear: Dude just has perfect lyrics. Dark, swelling, moody song. ***

So Far Around the Bend - The National: They took pride with this project and lay down one of it's top tracks. Man this band just gets better with time. The brass is a wonderful delight of an addition to their sound. Lyrically, The National's songs tell the best narrative and dig deeper into characters than anyone out there. *****

Tightrope - Yeasayer: Another band ready for a big year. This song is phenomenal. Love what these guys have going on, there sound is unique but so catchy. *****

I Was Young When I Left Home - Antony + Bryce Dessner (the National): Antony's voice is magic. Beautiful song, reminds me a lot of Richard Thompson. ****

You Are the Blood - Sufjan Stevens: WOW. This song is epic. Sufjan has been out of my loop for some time but I am more than intrigued after this winner. Possibly the best track this album has to offer. *****

Well-Alright - Spoon: Spoon simply never disappoints me. Perfect pop. This tune hags with my all day, great sound for him and I love the heavier layered guitar work. *****

El Caporal - My Morning Jacket: I've come to complete terms with this band, they are doing exactly what they want and be it great it not it always sounds swell. Just a fun song, that isn't over the top as some of Evil's tracks. ***

The rest:
Feeling Good - My Brighest Diamond ***
Dark Was the Night - Kronos Quartet ***
Big Red Machine - Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) + Aaron Dressner (the National) ***
Sleepless - the Decemberists ***
(Die) - Iron and Wine ****
Service Bell - Grizzly Bear + Feist
Lenin - Arcade Fire ***
Inspiration Information - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings ***
With a Girl Like You - David Sitek (TV on the Radio) ***
Blood Pt. 2 - Buck 65 (remix) featuring Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti ****
Hey, Snow White - the New Pornographers ***
Gentle Hour - Yo La Tengo **
Another Saturday - Stuart Murdoch **
Happiness - Riceboy Sleeps ***
Amazing Grace - Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues **
The Giant of Illinois - Andrew Bird ***
Lua - Conor Oberst and Gillian Welch ***
When the Road Runs Out - Blonde Redhead + Devastations **
Love vs. Porn - Kevin Drew *

Overall, would have been an insane single album, songs on the second disc begin to loose me, but all are worth a listen. Clear that these artists were looking to impress/inspire one another as well. Great compilation.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Something to Think About

...and read

Good friend, big music fan, avid lover of LTME, massive music hook up and purveyor of the true written word of note, Noah, has unleashed On the Table: News, Notes and Reports - Compilation of Found Articles, world be warned!

If you are in need of a worthy topic to fill your head or come across something of note worth sharing with others then please do stop on by and speak your mind as others should do the same.

Give it a whirl and give him some feedback, I for one am a fan and we all know that means a lot.

Film Icon Makes Good With New Indie Pop Release

Davy - Coconut Records

Movie stars who try to be rock stars is an age old conundrum. Everybody from Bruce Willis to Shaq wants to leave their day job for a while and be a star of another realm. As enticing as the thrill of success sounds the ineviatble blunder of failure will likely seize itself as a permanent scar on one's legacy (see 30 Seconds to Mars of whatever that nonsense is that Juliette Lewis did) . Although I must say, Shaq's movies are pretty kick ass.

Jason Schwartzman has pulled off a pretty impressive hat trick in the 89th min with his new realease, Davy. It's Schwartzman's second go round as an indie pop artist and this time his gets it right on. The album is tight, the music more robust and it's clear that he isn't just sitting in his basement thinking up catchy tunes, here he develops his true sense of song structure and lyrical ability. He struts his influences well and never becomes "too much" in that the listener can't help but keep in mind a mental image from Rushmore while listening.

This one won't blow you away, but that was never the intention. Schwartzman takes himself just as seriously as he ought to on this LP and the results are quite commendable.

This one gets 3 ears but my damn graphic won't load correctly. Just look further down on the blog and find one of the 3 1/2 ear reviews and try and then envision what a 3 ear rating would look like in your head. That's more or less what it would look like here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It's here, the initial lineup. I am going this year if it takes all I've got to get there.

Ther have been a lot of rumors and false posters making there way around the information superhighway the last few weeks, but the core stayed true; PHISH will headline two nights (F-YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Bruce and the Late Night TV emsemble band will headline the final night (snooze, if it's anything like the Super Bowl I'll be in the early exit line headed home).

Have to say I am pumped about PHISH, perfect festival band for Bonnaroo, I've always felt like this fest was built for Phish, they've just had to deal with WSP for years until this day came. From there the list gets very interesting. I've seen the Beastie Boys twice now, once at the Gwinnet Civic Arena outside Atl, freak nasty production and then most recently saw them at a tiny venue in Charlotte, very different feel, like what the old club shows must have been like. This will be a great part of the fest, hope they jam out a lot. NIN has potential to be a sick latenight show, as does Paul Oakenfold. David Byrne returns, and after his recent Charlotte show I am amped to hear him again sporting more of his solo work from the last 10yrs or so. Wilco, been a long time since I've seen them, an outdoor fest seems the ideal way to get back into this band. AL GREEN! Makeout session. Erykah Badu, very cool. The Mars Volta should be nasty in their Roo return. TV on the Radio will be a must see for me. From there some of my fav acts scatter the field; Andrew Bird, Band of Horses, The Decemberists, Girl Talk, Bon Iver, Bela Fleck, Rod and Gab, Galactic, Del Mc, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE!!!, Santogold, Grizzly Bear, Crystal Castles, Brett Dennen(fills the Jack void), Elvis Perkins in Dearland, YEASAYER, Delta Spirit....can't wait to see who else will be added. Lot of great names here.

Looking forward to this!