Friday, October 26, 2007

Spoon fed Delight

The Ponys and Spoon, Orange Peel, Asheville, NC - 10/24/07

So what’s the deal here? [me]
About the parking? [front desk/parking attendent/burnout]
Yeah, what do we need to do?
Yeah. Wait, you have to pay after six.
(subtle glance to watch, 8:12pm) I think we’re alright.
Aarghh, man I mean six in the morning.
(Phil begin to loose it)
Well how long are you guys gonna be here?
We’re just gonna grab a bite, head to a show and then get on the road.
Yeah. So where can we park?
You know where the venue is on Biltmore?
Right, just over there (I point knowingly direction of Orange Peel)
You’ll see a corner. Right. And there will be some cars and stuff. That’s good
Well thanks for your help.
Yeah man.
What are you in the mood for? I kinda want a taco, Asheville has some good food, but we are short on time. [me]
Let’s get a slice. [Phil]
We don’t have time there.
(we walk aimlessly for 12min looking)
I bet there is some awesome place right by the venue.
No, I’m sure there is nothing next to it.
(settle for sports bar to watch Sox-Rockies, grab a brew and our tacos, steak, delicious)
(en route to Peel, in rain, pass taco place next to venue, looks great)
Ahh man! [Phil}
I know right man! [random bum on street chimming in]
My boots are on the mend and they ain't walking home
Street tar in summer will do a job on your soul
Ponys, The.
Caught the last few songs. Lively bunch. Chicago. Lot of show, not very refined, but it fits with the punk overtones. Last song gets positive feedback, crowd pleased and packed in. New Album is good from these kids, check it out.
Lot of good looking girls. Lot of X on their hands. I grab beers.
Hippies, confused people, hipsters, outdoor enthusiasts, folks far too old but trying to be cool (whatever cool is these days), girls (some of age)(many with the X).
Great Venue. Square, open, lot of character.
Spoon is tight. Maybe too tight. They blend Pop, Punk, Country and Distortion so well it borders on perfectionism. They have an extensive catalog. They are proud and play it all. The crowd knows the music and things are right on track.
Been a Spoon fan since ’03. I own everything. Been wanting to see them live for ages. What I saw on Wed was perfect.
They have a style. It is clean but wild. Jangly, jumpy and measured. Spoon knows what they have is good, and they know they can mix songs from across their range. This makes for listening enjoyment. The songs are direct, no filler, no ballads or epic length. This allows for hit after hit and they come and they come. Brit Daniel, plucks at his chords with a blasé punk showmanship and his voice is more authentic than I was expecting. I also did not expect the amount of dubbed, tracked and synthesized sounds that they incorporate into their live set. Those that want to see and band and have it sound like it does on the album, this is your band. They are polished, and even when there were technical difficulties they kept it together and never slowed down or got out of their focus. Intent to please.
I’ve heard people say Spoon is like background music and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab) once called Spoon’s albums, the best movie soundtracks around. I was more than pleased with the energy, the fervor and entertainment value of the live material. They aren’t going to surprise you with altered renditions of blow away live jams and stage antics. The draw comes in the exactness and professionalism of the work. When I listen to bands I often have an mini show in my head either imaging what they would be like live or recalling what it was like if I’ve seen them. This was to a tee what I had had in my head. That’s very gratifying…not amazing, but more than anything the show solidified my love for this band.
Returning from the set break, Brit told the crowd that the band was backstage judging us. He says we judge them all night when they play, so when they went in the back they judged us as a crowd. We earned high remarks and were treated with a stellar encore.
Don’t You Evah, Small Stakes, Don’t Make Me a Target, Someone Something, Stay Don’t Go, Beast and Dragon Adored, The Ghost of You Lingers, I Turn My Camera On, You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb, The Underdog, My Little Japanese Cigarette Case, Black Like Me, Sister Jack, Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine, My Mathematical Mind, Everything Hits At Once, Stay Don’t Go, Don’t Let It Get You Down, The Way We Get By etc. etc. They played so many fantastic songs, without even getting to some of my favorites.
That’s rare. That’s a reason to see them again. That’s a great sign for a great band.
My faith is Spoon is reaffirmed.
Long drive back to Charlotte, Phil crashes, it rains, I listen to a lot of Dance techno.
Next day my dad asks who I saw.
Spoon, from Texas.
You guys have a good time with them, it was raining?
Yeah dad, we had a good time.

Now you know your way back from the spirit far
Brush your teeth for bed
Blow out that cherry bomb
Blow out that cherry bomb for me

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Highland bars, good grub and southern tunes, a successful weekend in a city that I am starting to not hate

Things have been sleepily stagnate in the Queen City of late and worthwhile shows appear on the marquees about as often as national Holidays hit the calendar so I jumped at the opportunity for a road trip to see some friends, grab drinks and catch the Whigs. I just kinda was wishing it wasn’t going to all take place in the ATL…or as it’s been dubbed of late, the A.

For years I’ve had a repulsive inclination towards the big city down 85 from my home and in reflection it has been about 95% due to the absurdity of traffic and logistics of maneuvering throughout the city itself. 3% of it had been a burnout on the bars of Buckhead and the other 2% was due to the fact that just don’t like Atlanta.

After my 4runner ran me to my exit off 85 in bragging time I spent the next half hour tracking down the house I was meeting my dinner crew at. Fumbling down some of the most illogical and twisted aligned streets in the contingent 48 and doing all could to make sense of some Lumberjack’s directions, I was fast thinking that I was on verge of another less that stellar attempt to make Atlanta more than it’s really worth.

Shower, beer, a few laughs and table overflowing with Sushi and we headed to Neighbors for a pitcher of some Pale Ale, in spite of the Lumberjack. Cool, dry air cloaking my full belly as I washed down some chilled brew – I was in good company and good spirits. After Neighbors we ditched the married/in serious relationship anchors and saddled up at the Dark Horse for some veteran drinking and awkward pickup attempts.

Once the barkeep informed us we could no longer purchase carbombs we jumped cab and found home…not before some epic phone transactions occurred however.

Beasley, be sure you rebook that reservation to Heaven, last one got a little messy.

Gato Bizco, freakin’ Awesomeco. Eat there, soon. Down McLeandon across from that other breakfast place near Fellini’s. Hipstertastic in everyway, but the food was on spot.

Saturday afternoon spent sippin beer, talking about old cars, old stories and catchin’ up with old friends. As the evening approached we trekked to L5P for the Halloween Parade/Freakfest. Knockabout frivolity and emo dreamscapes in proud demonstration ambling and rolling about the most ‘openly open’ and quirky neighborhood the South has to offer aside from Asheville…and I stood amongst the crowd not trying to make sense of the chaos. Freaks have a way and bless ‘em for it, but that shit is just crazy by any standard. All bias aside the wackos did serve a purpose, bringing people together and having fun with kids.

Parade done, off for a grilled sandwich and cold brew at Manuel’s, another must eat. Then Mike and I meet Matt at the show…loose Lumberjack somehow.

The Whigs and Jason Isbell 10-20-07 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA

The Whigs rock. Rock hard. Rock Often.

This was my fourth Whigs gig and the largest venue I’d seen them in. Although the intensity of a tighter venue lends itself to a band like this, Julian and Parker controlled a presence on stage before the Atlanta faithful and filled the house with the size of their sound. They ripped through several of the new tracks and I was impressed with the power and comfort they possess on these tracks despite the short amount a of road ware. I dig Parker’s voice and the southern/punk rasp with poppy guitar riffs and fuzz, giving The Whigs a nice dimension, but without a doubt Julian owns the stage.

Julian doesn’t play the drums; he thrashes them into a bloodied pulp and leaves them for the stagehands to deal with. Hair whipping and thunder echoing, the audience gets a sense of frustration from the drumming as if the man at the helm is deeply searching for a way to smash down even harder without reprieve…from where I was standing its not possible. If Bonham were alive he would be proud to see such a display. But don’t let any of this hit you the wrong way. Theirs is a heavy and fast performance but done so with no signs of sloppy or careless play. The band sounds crisp, full of eagerness and on the verge.

The new material bars no real evolution from Fat Lip, not that it was needed, just noted. I found that to be refreshing. In an eat or be eaten scene most young bands miss the mark on a next album, trying to reach a new sound or angle on who they are. This often spells B-U-S-T. In my ‘without a listen to the album yet’ album prediction, its far from a letdown.

However on the letdown note I am mixed on the new addition to the band (bass, keys, vocals and guitar). For the most part he doesn’t draw much attention to himself (despite a stupid red cap that I wanted to knock off) but when he does he seems shaky to me. A few of the tracks feature important moments from the keys, I came focused for these moments. They don’t have the zest they once did. The notes are hit, but something’s missing. Perhaps that’s what happens when someone is forced to master notes they didn’t write…they’ll never own them. That doesn’t make them bad, just different…once these guys decide on the permanent replacement these parts could use some personal attention from the newcomer, give them some life and personality again. This was most noted in Half the World Away, my top of Whigs tracks. The crucial moment here to me has always been the way the guitar solo claws its way into fade, reverbing off everyone’s chest and ringing in the ears. Bring that back!

Never one to waste time on stage, The Whigs closed, thanked the crowd and exited. They’re even powerful and full of speed leaving the stage.

I enjoyed the shit out of this gig.

Up next...

Jason Isbell. I’ll be brief here. I have enjoyed Drive By Truckers albums, think the material is astounding at times, but I have never enjoyed the live aspect. Too many guitars, too little distinction in sounds. It’s an alt-country wash. I expected more from Jason. He left DBT to explore and define his own material. What’s different? I’ve heard rave reviews on the album and some folks I was with enjoyed it so I won’t bash it; just say it wasn’t for me.

I’ll give his album a listen…that may be it.

Wrapped the night up with a crazy Halloween party on its way out, or rather across the street to Blind Willie’s for even more Alt Country rock and some hilarious antics from some heavily inebriated fellas. From there cruised down to the Local to find the Lumberjack for a follow up try to escort some ladies to Clermont Lounge…bouncer was not having us.

Sunday was lazy and hazy. Lot of anxiety and uncertainty waiting forever for a ho-hum artery clog at Flying Biscuit, followed by a successful bike rescue back in L5P and a few aimless hours in record stores and people watching.

I’ll admit, Atlanta didn’t suck this go around…it may having something yet.

Back soon?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh the Drama!

It’s as dry as a pissed Brit’s sense of humor out there, slightly more of a chill to the air and yeah the leaves are prone to show a little golden color. It’s Fall alright. So what’s worth watching when the sun goes down at 6:30pm?

Hits and a miss of the Fall 2007 Dramas:

Dexter - Showtime
Cunning, fast, deceptive, engrossing and full of dead emotion, the second season of Showtime’s Dexter is off to a methodically stellar start. The motive and mystery of the Ice Truck Killer are behind us now but the intensity has reached new heights. The uncovering of the craft from the depths, the constant observance of co-workers, the Feds, the live in unstable sister, trouble with the lady friend, coming to terms with the kill (how did I loose it?), playing detective to himself and fighting an addiction? It’s a bloody mess and Dexter is beginning to unravel and question himself (my mask is slipping off). But, with Dex manning the scalpel you can rest assured that it will all clean up nicely.
It’s a killer.

Brotherhood - Showtime
And the mighty show face when the tables are turned…
After a better than expected initiation year, the incumbent is still winning them over in year two. This New England king of the streets drama depicts a corrupt town too twisted to see what is happening before their eyes. Cops in debt to thugs, thugs in debt to councilmen, councilmen in bed with mistresses, mistresses hitting the hard drugs, hard drugs turning the once pleasant streets into filth. Brotherhood presents itself much as The Wire does, mixing plots and revealing the truth of the American streets, just without the gut wrenching performances and taking it to the youth.
Family is all you’ve got, but sometimes it’s the first to throw you to the curb.

Mad Men - AMC
The boys in the front office have really cooked up something this time. The ad gods of Madison Ave. at the surging peak of male chauvinism in the US, Mad Men balances corporate savvy with adulteress seduction and makes a ‘sells itself’ pitch. Possibly the best cast on TV today, the family run second tier firm has the brains and know how to seal the deal with anyone in town, it’s the secrets they hide between their sheets that may very well be their downfall.
Mad Men’s demo is male, mid twenties to mid forties, single and/or wed, employed, sophisticated, culturally aware with a hint of pro-male, ‘the way things used to be’ styling. AMC has really hit on something here with its first major leap into original series production.
I’m buying what they’re selling.

Californication - Showtime
Sex has never made for such a good read, or watch. The ‘more hip than you’ new show has plenty of solid and stunning actors with some much enjoyed cameos to keep the sauce nice and spicy. A troubled author coming to terms with the woman he should have married, the daughter he wants to be a better father to and an agent he deeply wishes he could give his best work to. Did I mention the woman he should have married is engaged and that Moody (lead man, former X-filer) unknowingly had his way with that man’s daughter, who is now pitching his new masterwork as her own to the assistant of Moody’s agent? Threesomes, one-night stands, cheating, drugs, love circles and constant twists and disasters. This is without a doubt the surprise hit of the Fall, a bestseller that won’t end up on Oprah’s book club list but should be on your must read.
Get in bed with this one, and bring the secretary…it might get naughty.

Hereos - NBC
Everything that made the first season click, Save the Cheerleader Save the World, has been lost, but the show has still made a heroic return. Not so predictably scripted now, i.e. not all leading up to a known inevitable this second season is far more dark and much more intriguing. All the faces are back, with a few more welcome additions. The focus has moved onto a bigger objective this time leap around where Siler is now seen as more of a pawn, but its still got my attention. I will say, despite the entertaining quality of this show it runs shallow. Really it’s nothing more than X-Men, the Matrix, The Ghost and every cheesy teen sci-fi flick rolled into one. But it does somehow rise above the norm and again and again as it swoops in at the last instant and saves the day from all the monotonous evil on the tube.
Come get saved and find the Hero within.

Friday Night Lights - NBC
Like many a sports analysts, columnists and bloggers I pumped this show up and predicted a wowing run to the title game. So far it’s made Notre Dame look BCS ready. All that was on the fringe of making the show bad news in the Freshman year is now calling audibles on fourth and short. Where is the FOOTBALL? The first episode was a disaster, teen angst and throwaway script. What a waste. Many feared this show would be cancelled and be off the air before mid point of the season. I don’t think anyone has to worry about this one getting benched; it can easily be picked up as a free agent by the Lifetime network.
Get the stands with the real deal on Friday nights, don’t watch the remake on TV.

Friday, October 12, 2007

THR33 and a 4OUR

Cease to Begin - Band of Horses

Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest you can still find clubs that revel in the sounds of yesteryear, when grunge was king. In the thicket of trees that flow off the Cascades and rush to the Pacific there is a coolness and dampness to the air; it’s a wonderful place. Deep in these same woods are those who are not far from being Southern in manner and thought. Combine these facets and you’ll have a Band of Horses.

Often donning a red G on his hat, Bridwell wears his UGA pride loud. He’s not a graduate, in fact he’s not even from Georgia…for that matter he’s not even a fulltime Southerner. He might as well be. After the smashing success of their debut effort BOH took their Southern rock via Seattle sound, packed it up and moved it to Charleston. Now immersed in the throws of Southern hospitality, BOH took on a far more simple sound. Road tested and eager for the next effort Cease to Begin was written, recorded, mixed and produced in Asheville, NC, staying true to the southern music tradition. This time around however, it’s a Pacific Northwest album they’ve made…in the South.

Dropping the loose, rooted in jam vibe, BOH’s Cease is a tight album, focused in all the right ways, but still hanging on to that down home fun lovin’ sound. The rippling crescendos and dramatic and endless hooks are there this time around, you just have to listen more intently for them. Although the music bellies itself up to alt country more than anything, the short song structures and quickness pays direct homage to the grunge noise where the lyrics and essence of the band are Southern to the core. It’s poppy, simple and beautiful.

Cease is a successful second album, because it doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. The songs aren’t looking to wow you, they just want hang out and have a beer on the back porch. As far as I’m concerned, they are welcome to stop by whenever.

Tracks to have over for a cold one: Ode to LRC, Islands on the Coast and The General Specific


Random Spirit LoverSunset Rubdown

Spencer has been all over the map since the release of the breakthrough Wolf Parade LP of ’05. The map has been muddled at times, mess piled upon confusion with a few grandiose pit stops of sheer brilliance. But it’s been too much at times. Swan Lake and Frog Eyes are bizarre and amazing, but they are hurried and eager. Sunset is Krug’s baby, the spawn he produced on Shut Up seemed destine to grow into an important man, but it seemed it was going to get lost in the shuffle.

The journey Krug has been on has been exhausting mentally. The jamble and jumble with the layers and dubs and echoes of voices and sounds and more sounds at blazing construction where timing and transitions were of no concern has grown thin and drab. Melodically speaking Krug seemed too immersed in something he couldn’t figure out. He threw groups together and rallied out LP’s hoping to bottle the energy in his head and voice. The songwriting and lyrics has remained top notch, but the overall product was at times frustrating. The listener yearns to grab Krug and yell, “Get it out and move on.”

That is of course before we heard Random.

Finally, the album Krug has been scratching at has come to life and it is every bit the brilliant and complex lad the father hoped he would be.

Sharp, focused, still wild and extremely well produced, the sound is on with this album. Sunset may be Krug at his best, although I am more the fan of the Wolf, this is where Krug gets it out of his system and does it on his terms. The metaphors, the drenched in imagery landscapes of words, the speed and the high notes crash together and create something uncertain yet certainly exciting. The frustration still resides in places but this one is fully engrossing and satisfying. A relief.

Sounds to explore and discern for yourself: Up on your Leopard, Upon the End of Your Feral Days, Winged/Wicked Things and Magic vs. Midas


War ElephantDeer Tick

They say you gotta smother ‘em. Coat that sucker in Vaseline until you draw the very life from it. Pinchers sink deep into the flesh and if the head lingers infection’ll set in and it makes it’s way down the bloodline, fixin you ill. They’re dirty and they’re dangerous.

You’ll wanta take hold and rip it from the flesh, tearing it from what it yearns to feed but doesn’t belong. Some say burn him off there, he’ll leave a scar but that’s better than him poisoning ya. They seem to drop down on ya as if it came from nowhere and it’ll furrow into the thrash of hair on head, tying itself up deep in the weeds. There he’ll sit, tucked away, clawin’ in deep.

He’s a bastard all right. A Yellow fevered Rocky Mountain bastard.

Deer Tick sits a simple man in his backwooded musical nest. But don’t let his size throw ya, for once ya hear him pour his heart out in scratchy yelp you’ll feel every bit the brother lost. The opening stanza of War draws you in with intrigue, then the powerful claws snap down and he starts sucking away. Now your his victim and he’s gonna have his way.

I am the boy your mother wanted you to meet, but I am broken and torn with heels at my feet.

To say this is a heck of an album would be a downright lie. It’s something else. It’s pure. It’s dark. It’s crooked and not looking to be set straight. You could drop the instruments and I’d still listen to his voice for hot days on end. It’s dusty, dripping of whiskey and brokenhearted. Set that up with the strumming and rockabilly drumming and its able to leave you in awe. Never pretentious, yet aware of its ability, the band bleeds into ya, draining you down to your core.

War is a bloody triumph. Worth risking infection and disease (even for Tribble).

These’ll get under your skin: Ashamed, These Old Shoes and Dirty Dishes


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Queen {{{{Karma}}}} and the Fearless Freaks descend upon the irony and break the Camel's back

Some crap opening band and The Flaming Lips; Amos' Southend, Charlotte, NC 10-3-07

From the onset, the irony of this show was more than abundant. What were the Flaming Lips doing in Charlotte? Why were they being sponsored by King Cancer (Camel Cigarettes)? And just how the heck was Amos’ going to be able to handle the production that is a Flaming Lips live show? These are heavy questions. Heavy like the decision I had to make an hour or so before the show kicked off, which is part of the Karma Payment Plan. But, before we discuss that, join me at the spiritual origins of this bizarre night.

I get emails on a lot of crap. A lot of that crap I volunteered to receive, maybe a moment of weakness, maybe a need to have that comfort of a nonempty inbox or perhaps I had been over served and was a sucker for a freebie. Regardless of what triggered the email, I got the notification that the Flaming Lips were headed to the Queen City, bought my ticket, forwarded the link to my show going pals and went about my morning. Minutes later the alarm sounded and news hit that the show had already sold out. Damn. It appeared I was going solo…solo into the land of freaks with big hands and bigger balloons. I’ve done the solo show thing before, so I shrugged it off and figured I would just make the most of it. {{{{The Ironic Karma strikes}}}}

How did it sell out so fast??? Well kids, Camel, in all their legislative, ingenious, smooth Turkish blend might, decided they would release hundreds of free vouchers to redeem at the door for entry of present party plus one guest. In a way they were told, hey our venue holds X amount of people, they took that as, hey you’re Camel, fuck it, invite everybody, if they can’t get in, shrug it off and make the most of it. {{{{Instant Karma is gonna get you}}}}

iEnter the bizarre night…

Slamming down a Jager Bomb at an adult arcade and sports bar, I contemplated my participation on the on the next round, opted out and keened in on the conversation the third party of my group was having with a pregnant bartender ??Ironic?? It was girl talk about naming a baby, but given the circumstance the topic seemed intriguing so I stayed attuned. We had stopped off here as the fake ticketed angry mob that wrapped around the adjoining venue was a discomforting sight and I was unprepared to tackle the beast without a healthy buzz aglow. Mr. P grabbed the round and we set foot to stake our place in line; soon to subscribe to the Karma Payment Plan.

If you’ve ever had an !!awakening!! at a show before, where the moment of all that is possible in live performance smacks you in the face, then you might understand why those who go to great lengths to see shows do their thing. Mr. P (as to protect Parker Williams’ cover) is once such person, so much so that he dropped a pretty penny to get two in the door for the Lips. It just so happens that this particular penny was worth $150. It also just so happens that this penny was for all intensive purposes a shame and granted no guaranteed entrance to the show. --IS IT GETTING HEAVY?, I thought it was already heavy as can be-- But then, on top of that, it just might also just so happen that two hipsters in line ahead of us felt the pain of the situation, and feeling privy to the wrong that had been done sought to do right and in so doing offered up their tickets with spot in line to Mr. P. {{{{That’s Karma babe}}}}

Rejuvenated, focused and pumped for the onslaught, our tragedy with the faulty tickets had been adverted…for ten minutes, actually five, but it was about 10min until I realized that I was the solo of the threesome to have entered the venue. Damn. It appears the Karma Payment Plan just took a second mortgage out on the tickets and my companions were swept away to stand in line with the peasants and groundlings with their Camel hand tickets…pathetic. Bizarreness shows light.

Back on track with my original plan of being solo, I shrug it off and decide to make the most of it…aka buy myself two beers. Photo booths, tye dye shirt stations, make your own posters a real circus of Lips paraphernalia was all around as I surveyed the scene, grasping for a familiar face but finding none. I don’t smoke, but I was close to tasting the sweet leaf and sucking down the irony. My date of birth, street address, SS#, checking account #, waist size and favorite color struck me as little too much info to release to King Cancer for a pack and having not done that second Jager Bomb I wasn’t fuzzy enough to be a sucker for the freebie so I stayed true to the brew. {{{{Ironic Karma, round two}}}

I find a safe spot, near the stage, under the cascade of balloons and arms length from the bar. Solo. Karma’s a bitch!

The opening band sucked and I mean really sucked. The haze of Camel smoke hung heavy in the overstuffed room, condensing and raining irony upon my head. The attempt at a band wrapped their noise up, I cursed the bartender for not stocking Miller High Life and stood pouting, second guessing my belonging in the line with the peasants and their secondhand tickets. Solo.

It’s a goodtime for Superman to lift the sun into the sky.

Karma Payment Plan pays dividends = Mr. P cashes out. Reunited and it feels so good!

Sorting out the details, most of which I ignored, the threesome were back and stronger than ever, ever of course being 20min ago. The crowd squeezed near the stage, Mr. P held ground with wide stance and Andre the Giant unleashed the quote of the night; “I’ve hated this band long before it was cool to hate this band. {{{{5…4…3…2…1 IRONY!!!!}}}}

The show itself was as expected. They played the hits, Wayne was on point and the Charlotte audience was for the most part oblivious and worried about being late to their banking jobs in the a.m. All of which begs one to ask What were the Flaming Lips doing in Charlotte? Why were they being sponsored by King Cancer (Camel Cigarettes)? And just how the heck was Amos’ going to be able to handle the production that is a Flaming Lips live show?

-No clue
-Ironic Irony (aren’t you paying attention?) –A spoonful can weigh a ton!
-It isn’t and it wasn’t (Karma Payment Plan keeps your down payment for damages incurred)

With all your power, what would you do???

It’s not that the band wasn’t great, they were. They played a slew of songs covering the bizarre career of a bizarre band on a bizarre occasion. They dug deep into the material, any true fans dream. They had the kids in costume, they had confetti, the crowd played aimlessly with laser pointers (I brought mine left over from earlier in the year), they had balloons, and they had the big screen flashing the absurd and misconstrued. It was all there, and it wasn’t there at all…at the same time. {{{{Ironic Irony}}}} There were those fans that lived and breathed this band and this was a true event. There were those folks who were there because they heard it was the thing to do, these people were in the back and they nonchalance frustrated Wayne throughout the evening. Let me get some action from the back section, anybody rockin', not perfection?

Expectations were high. Expectations were not met. Night a failure? Hardly.

There’s a lot to be said about a show like this (clearly, see above). Some things are not meant to be. Lips and Big Tobacco. Some things are meant to be. A positive outlook and good people coming together. Sometimes you ask for a lot and get something far less. Other times you get more than you asked for or deserve and you get it when you least expect it. That’s Karma. That’s a live show. That’s the Flaming Lips. It’s all part of the Payment Plan. And that my friends, well that’s Ironic.

As far as giving the guy who bought me a Jager Bomb a ride home, well that’s {{{{Ironic Karma}}}}

You realize the sun doesn't go downIt's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round


Monday, October 1, 2007

Jejune? Quite the opposite!

Despite the lilliputian of my readers, Jejune, once again, steps up to the challenge. Modecai WTF?

Jejune in black, LTME in green:

a. "Farewell to the Pressure Kids", Kevin Drew.
Jejune I could use some insight here. I've tried to like BSS, I really have, I own an album and ALL the must have tracks, don't get it. What am I missing? What does Kevin do here on this effort that sets it aside from a BSS album?

b. "Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)", Deer Tick. This entire album is really good. Definitely in my top 5 of the year. BCP, you need to write this one up.
Thanks for the tip, haven't given Deer Tick a spin, will acquire, listen and review.

c. "West Side", Studio
"Never Heard of It", LTME

d. "I Feel it All", by Luke's girlfriend. Her successful solo career probably means that BSS will never properly reunite, but at least we got a good record out of it.
Now I get her and this album, won't mind if she stuck with her not BSS role, but I think in light of the success of the side projects the inevitable reunion will be massive. I would have to agree that is a great album, and a solid song from the album...and Luke she's already going to Prom with me.

e. "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb", Spoon.
Personally Black Like Me is best on the album, but this is awesome in its own right.

f. "Hare Lipped Bust", Ham1. For the skinny jeans wearers in the Classic City.
Again, Jejune throwing me a curve ball...I need to step my game up, or you need to let me know more about what I am missing.

Now the songs I think made the year so far...both mainstream and under the radar (in no order and essentially 12)

"Anti - Anti" - Snowden
"D.A.N.C.E." - Justice
"Young Folks" - Peter, Bjorn and John
"Effect and Cause" - White Stripes
"To the Dogs or Whoever" - Josh Ritter
"All My Friends" - LCD Soundsystem
"Devastation" - The Besnard Lakes
"1234" - Feist
"Thimble" - Arizona
"Handsome Furs Hate This City" - Handsome Furs
"Black Like Me" - Spoon
"See a Penny (Pick it Up)" - YACHT
Baker's Dozener*...."Imitosis" - Andrew Bird

And of course all that Kanye jazz and that "Delilah" song (which sucks, but is inescapable).

As for the rest of 2007; I have a presentiment that sounds will be sweet and bold and with the RADIOHEAD announcements possibly even industry changing.
Here's to what's to come...Sunset Rubdown, Band of Horses, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Beirut, R.E.M., Neil Young, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Lupe Fiasco, The Whigs and so on and so on.......

*Thanks for letting me steal your idea Noah.