Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pour Your Heart Out All Over Me

A Brief History of Love - The Big Pink

This album completely caught me off guard, in the best possible way.

I had never heard of The Big Pink and aside from a brief album review I had glanced at on P4K I didn't realize they were on a worthy radar; I am better for the introduction. An album that isn't afraid to be many things and be many things for the better. I cannot help but feel similarities between this album and Liars Liars, as they both sweep from fuzz heavy darkness to pop melody club tunes. This album has many facets, all of which are rewarding in their own regard, but when they are all played out in a single listen the album hits as a true success.

Their is the common theme of young love lost and the anguish that follows. But with love there are ups and downs and this album tosses and turns like a relationship on the brink of failure. Too Young To Love is a great number, full of life and hurt. Dominos is a blast of a song and the happiness is infecting and the lyrics encourage behavior of yesteryear. At War With the Sun and Frisk are perfect examples of this albums scope and impact.

All in all I dig this album and I find this interesting as it took me a long time to appreciate this genre of music and I feel like now I've found my gateway drug. Love's a bitch and then you write the songs to prove it.


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