Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Radiohead raises heads on social issues once again with powerful video

Yorke and Co. release a socially charged video for In Rainbows 'All I Need.' Video is in conjunction with EXIT, a MTV initiated awareness to provide support and bring action to child labor. It's a well worthy cause and the video burns deep with the reality of the dualistic nature of humanity. See article here and stream the video.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Whigs Come Home...Bring Friends

From Reader Mike who attended (Reader Murtaugh blacked out and offered nothing):

Chi Phi had Lost Weekend up in Athens yesterday. The line up was pretty sick. More sick than I could have assembled a few years ago. The bill was as follows: Patterson Hood, The Dead Confederates, The Whigs and an Athens Super Group of Townies fronted by Clay Everitt playing Stones covers.The highlight of the Whig set was Parker telling the crowd about starting in Athens however many years ago and gesturing towards the SAE house. Then out from the green room (yeah, the fucking kids had an outdoor, covered, enclosed green room by the stage), came Hank. He walked over, exchanged some pleasantries with Tim, took the bass and the original Whigs line up ripped into "Give 'em a Big Fat Lip," including some bass flourishes that aren't on the recording. The crowd went nuts and Hank played his face off. After the song, Tim did a "we're not worthy" bow to Hank, took the bass and the show resumed. Other highlights include a covers by The Remotes (I don't know, I missed the first couple songs), The Who, and The Rolling Stones "Get off of my cloud," semi addressing the irony of the Whigs kind of Opening for a cover band.

*Corrections: They played a Ramones (Remotes. I'm an idiot.) cover that I didn't hear. And they also covered John Lennon's Instant Karma, which I totally forgot about til I talked to Devon. Also, Hank did in fact play with them for Give 'em a big fat lip.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Sound Below the Norm

In an era of angst, means are questioned and courses altered. The consistency of the day breaks with the weight of troubled nights. In the grey dawn arises a new being. Undistinguished at inception, soon to rise to prominence; the great ones define themselves with morals and motives. Such is the fate of the leaders of a movement oft titled Alternative music. A movement forced to action by the need of purity and a redefinition of why music had removed itself from art. The crucial label of such art is the fuzz left of the dial, where the mainstream is unsure but those who know find revelation and revitalization. A hope just out of sight of the accepted; SUBPOP.

Moments before the hair bands and arena rock drummed the soul from music Bruce Pavitt would share a foresight. He took it upon himself to voice a frustration for that which was being lost with the music industry; heart. Ingenuity and creative prowess had taken a back seat to marketable and sexy. A troubling turn for Pavitt and his like minded. Feeding off the sounds of the Pacific Northwest, Pavitt lended himself to publish magazines preaching the music of the streets, of the kids, and of the next true meaningful stage. His movement grew and bands took notice. SUBPOP would take a risk in the later part of the 80’s and release an EP from a band titled Tad. Upon the release another outfit would participate. This band is Soundgarden and soon music will be changed forever.

Some call it Alternative, for some it’s Grunge, others prefer college radio and the all encompassing is Independent. Indie rock doesn’t have a sound, an image or a template. It cannot be easily catalogued and it certainly does not seek your acceptance. It is a mindset. A belief. A cause. It is the will to create that which most will not accept. It grows from life and speaks to the minds of those willing to listen…you can hear it too if you’re sincere.

The force of a generation in need of a voice took refuge in the bands of SUBPOP and of it’s true message. These bands have transcended genres and time. They are in the very core of our expressive world. Today, as it is on the brink of celebrating 20 years as a record label, SUBPOP is the proud parent to a strong lineage of independent labels that are pushing the norm and challenging the comfortable.

SUBPOP is worthy of it’s praise and of it’s disgust. So successful, SUBPOP has grown much as many of it’s bands have…above the SUB. Despite success, the label has remained true to itself and to the music. Anchored in morals and motives. As angst rerises and new directions sought, SUBPOP will continue to light a way. I for one will continue to follow and so to the future of music.

Nirvana, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, Mudhoney, Sleater-Kinney, Afghan Whigs, Dinosaur Jr., The Jesus and Mary Chain, Rogue Wave, The Shins, Band of Horses, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, Iron and Wine, Wolf Parade, David Cross, Fleet Foxes, Postal Service, The Thermals, Flight of the Conchords, Hansome Furs, No Age, Oxford Collapse, Ugly Casanova, Blitzen Trapper, The White Stripes etc.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Odd Things are in the Mix Here, but in it’s own odd way it tastes refreshing and fulfilling.

How about a slice of Peachcake?
Your tongue has an amazing ability to discern tastes by sending signals to your brain at astounding speeds allowing you to categorize and then make a reaction; it tastes good (because…) or it tastes bad (because…). There are various theories about what taste actually is. Do we all sense sour the same, do we all know salty, is your sweet the same as mine? There’s the issue of savory as well. Some say that there are tastes that do not fall within the confining yet vague genres of taste. These people go so far as to say that tastes come from a chemical reaction that is triggered by shapes; example salty tastes like jagged, brittle, hard. Regardless, we all have different tastes and the wonderment of these varied tastes gives the world its flavor.

With all this in mind how might you take a bite of Peachcake? Will it strike you as a confusing and overwhelming taste that you can see will be loved by some, but not necessarily by all? Then again, maybe having a taste that isn’t like everything else is the best possible way for something to taste. I love spicy foods, but would grow unimaginably bored if I could never toss a sour or sweet into the mix. Maybe your tastes don’t’ naturally or rather normally lend themselves to Dance Pop. Perhaps you’d be alright with Dance Pop, you just aren’t real sure about having seconds now that they’ve scooped a heaping spoonful of Psychedelic sauce on top. There will be some that will even skip desert as a whole; “I’m on an conservative rock only diet, but thanks that does look tasty.” These people will never know what they are missing out by not grabbing a bite and just swallowing down.

Such is the case with my tastes and Peachcake. I’m an extremely wide-open minded connoisseur when it comes to dining on music…but I must admit some hesitation with my slice of Cake. I spent time trying to tell myself what it reminded me of. Is this like Flaming Lips, swirled with Daft Punk covered in the optimism and utopia of a dance crazed 80’s pop chart topper? Maybe that bite makes me think of Beck, but the crust has a real New Age Zappa thing going on? Do I even like dance music? Why can’t I stop eating this cake…I didn’t even think I liked cake?

When you are left with just the crumbs, belly full and an upper lip of icing that makes you look foolish it hits. There’s this aftertaste that’s somehow even more flavorful than the cake itself. You realize you like this stuff because you’ve never really had it before, at least not this way. You start to understand that it didn’t taste so weird, it just was powerfully unique. You’re refreshed. You’re delighted. Say, that was pretty damn tasty. Who would have thunk, Peach and Cake? Seems like it would go together about as well as Digital Latino Dance Pop and a children’s choir singing motivational life songs. Which as it turns our is some good eating.

Grab a slice and decide for yourself….PEACHCAKE, it’s not too salty, too sour or too sweet; in fact it’s kinda savory.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Slack Ass Blogger steals story from respectable site that checks for grammar and content...also updates more than once a week

Pitchfork has a comprehensive list of albums coming out this Spring and into the summer. Pretty exciting stuff on the horizon. I might even review one or two of these albums, assuming I get motivated again.

Legit and Comprehensive List from a website that cares, but is still overrated.

Headed to the Cooper River Bridge Run this weekend. Perhaps I'll review that since I have had a hard time finding other material.

Wow, this is the most depressing post ever...I'll get something good on here soon.