Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heavy Hitters, New Album Reviews

Farm - Dinsaur Jr.

Brah, fear not, rock is good hands indeed. J Mascis is a guitar god, much like Mr. White of below, but in a different manner and style...and volume. Dinsaur Jr. may is the rare band to grow over the years in the best possible direction, towards perfection of their craft. They are the quinessential stoner rockers of the alternative era of music and still manage to wow the hard to win over hipsters and modern day rockers because they produce enequivacally the purest of rock around. They try to be nothing but themselves and that's damn plenty. Like Built to Spill, they excell at trying to not excell while making great music. Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective may be the modern movement of indie rock, but they work their collective asses off to come up with soemthing that would be judged to death or written off as unworthy. Dino Jr. just says fuck it and let's it rip. That's not to say they don't care about their art or don't aspire like others bands, it just means they don't have to work so hard, they're just that damn good. I hope the Whigs open for this band, it's a hard rockers dream. Farm is a an awesome rocker.

Horehound - The Dead Weather

Mr. White finds his blood. Brudding, evil, sadistic and thunderous, this album is tighter and more fierce than anything White has done in years and easily the most successful aside from his mainstay of the Stripes. Tagged a super group of sorts, this album takes some of rock's power lords and places them in familiar yet altogether different waters. Taking the lead of vocals is the female star from the Kills while the guitar work is handled by the slasher from Queens of the Stone Age and the bass lines are dropped from fellow Racontuer. This album presents many interesting tempo changes, odd arrangements and swelling sounds and riffs. Worthy of multiple listens, Horehoud will rock you again and again but may never thrill you or amaze you as the lineup of personel may suggest. A powerful and worthy effort, one of the best rock albums of the year.

The Satanic Satanist - Portugal. the Man

After being in awe of their performance at Bonnaroo this year I wasted no time in getting my hands on Churchmouth, a monster of an album. It's dark, devloping, moody, soulful and the way they blends Sanata like jams into Mars Volta like rock explosions is unique in the way that makes you excited to be different. The mystery of this Alaska based band hung heavy on me as I felt I was behind the curve on such an aspiring group, so I anxious to shed the shadow and discover who they really are on their new LP The Satanic Satanist. Sadly, they are not the dark horse in the new era of rock. All the ways that caught my attention live and drew me in more on the previous album have been washed over and smoothed out. The production quality leaves this album seemingly bland at times and far too pop oriented for their audience. This album left me wanting far more, the songs seem to lack depth and there is far too little draw to play them again. It is almost a happy album, the opposite of what I assumed they would put out. Dissapointed. I'll wait to see them live again before spending too much effort on this album.

Monday, July 20, 2009

MCA has Cancer

Leaking Lips

Coyne and Co. have posted a few tracks from their upcoming duo-album opus entitled Embryonic. The tracks take a decidedly, and much appreciated, turn from the straightforwardness of At War. They are spacey and bizarre, as they should be. Early streaming reminds me more of Clouds Taste Metallic and the second half of Yoshimi, and I mean that in a very positive way.

Take a listen via Covert Curiosty:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time to Die, is right now apparently

Two months ahead of the scheduled Time to Die, we have are presented with the gift of early indulgence. That's right, the Dodos follow up to Visiter is available for stream via there website: . Haven't been able to get a great stream connection so things have been a little chopping in my listening efforts, but so far so awesome. The physical realease date is still set for Septemeber, but to avoid leaks etc. Dodos just want us to go ahead and hear it. Like Trent Reznor has put in so many words the last few days, bands do not make money off of album sales, so give them away if you are trying to make a name for yourself, grow a fanbase and then go on relentless touring. Fo now we get the tunes, hopefully next will be an exhaustive tour (please come to Charlotte!).

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yim Yames and the Beatle they call George

Via Spin:

Jim James is currently taking a little time off from MMJ, to rest and find a new voice (which thankfully is his pre-Urges voice).

He is posting a download of his George Harrison tribute dubbed Tribute To under the name Yim Yames. It's 6 song collection and heart felt rendition of George's finer moments. There are some powerful moments here, namely due to Yim's vocal prowless and heavenly echo, the instrumentation is intentionally subtle and underscoring.

Download for free here: Yim

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Move through the room like ambulance drivers

Beck is becoming a bit of a generation next David Byrne; changing his hair styles so many times now... While Jack White has barely taken a moment to breathe in the last year producing, recording, touring and managing a label and a new store, his pal Beck is taking time to reflect and enjoy himself.

The Beck website has never been a perfect machine, often more confusing to navigate than needed, but now Beck is presenting the basics. Good content, easy access.

For the past few weeks Beck has been inviting friends to swing by the studio and record a one time recording of a famous album. Nigel Godrich (the mastermind behind a few recordings from the likes of Beck, Radiohead, U2, Pavement and Paul McCartney) has his hands in the mix, recording, producing and contributing. So far the debut from The Velvet Underground and Nico is the album of choice and some interesting work has come from it.

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico 'Waiting for My Man' from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Beck also is trying his hand as a DJ. Stream the funky beats of No. 1 Autobahn Hologram from the Planned Obsolescence series, a real treat for avid Beck fans as it is quick to see where he draws from and the arrangements that work in his head.

Finally, he is conducting interviews know as Irrelevant Topics. Posted of late is Tom Waits x Beck Hansen : Part 1 of an interview with Tom Waits, and I must say it is everybit as interesting as you might think that should be.

Beck is Beck.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The Ecstatic - Mos DefThe best Hip-Hop album I have listened to in years. It is brilliant at times. Stream Quiet Dog from the sidebar and see for yourself. Mos Def is a lyrical beast and he brings the groove and funky beats with him on this go around. Long awaited and worth it.
Invisible Cities - NOMOThe king of funky, electro jazz. This album features a far more extensive brass component than previous ventures and at first it can change your perspective, but fret not as it soon builds in complex and interesting ways, making what I love about his other material even more relevant and robust. A winner.

Wall of Arms - The Maccabees

Euro indie pop rock. Tapes n’ Tapes and Franz Ferdinand style of power chord progression with clangy percussion and a mod feel. Just a direct pop album with no frills, which is just what you want sometimes. Not too big in the US, but worth a spin, good summer tunes.
Born on Flag Day - Deer Tick

Folkster hero brings the heartbreak back on his sophomore release. Songs are bigger, bolder and louder but with all the fleshing out of new material and focus on bringing a spine a pain, the sincerity of War Elephant is lost. A powerful album and one that will get many spins. Not a letdown, but not break through either.

Lost Channels - Great Lake Swimmers

A sleeper of an album, in the good way. It creeps up on ya and although nothing will knock your socks off, it will stay in your head for days. Consistent southern rock/indie song structures, early MMJ and BOH if you need a cliché tag. Perfect hot summer evening chill music.