Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Future Comes From the Past

After Robots - BLK JKS

I can't quite figure this one out. It's ambitious as hell but for me it falls short of the intended goal.

It's been tagged as the African version of OK Computer and the band as been called upon to be the next U2 of sorts, I don't see it. The album is droning at times and awkward too often. It's loses me far more than it draws me in. I have no issues with a language barrier, but where Amadou and Mariam celebrate the modern abilities of African music, BLK JKS seem to force something new upon themselves. Instead of feeling I am listening to the warrior anthems of a new generation I find myself relating the sounds I hear more to MUSE and Mars Volta than TV on the Radio.

Maybe I'm missing it, but it'll have to come to me soon as I am growing tired of trying on this one.

Try Standby or Taxidermy.


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