Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Building Up From Cut Parts

Salvation is a Deep Dark Well - The Builders and The Butchers

In a year chopped full of bands plucking away at the sounds of the west and south comes Portland's The Builders and The Butchers with their sophmore release, a nod to the wild west.

The album plays jangly like a live recording which gives a powerful punch and a foot stomping notion to the whole collection. The tales are what will really draw a listener in. Steeped in the matters of everyone from Hank, Cash and Willie to Felice Brothers and Avett Brothers, this band mixes the elements of dark folk lore and the legenedary sounds of country western with modern flare.

You feel like you are listening to the soundtrack of a salvation show, full with fire and brimstone. Don't let the snake bite ya, else you'll be condemned a sinner of the soul!

It's a fun album, nothing overly triumphant, but nothing dissapointing. Give Devil Town a whirl and see if it's for you.


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1mattmcconnell said...

Devil Town? I wonder if that chick ever gets tired of artists throwing her name around song titles. At some point, it has to get old. Nevertheless, thanks for the heads up on this band. I'm digging it. Go ahead and plan on heading to devil town to see them play live at the Earl when they decide to tour the South.