Wednesday, December 31, 2008

JAMBASE 2008 in Review

Artists (namely of the jam world) weigh in on their picks for albums and shows of the year. Moe., MMJ, Schools, STS9 etc voice their thoughts...'s-Best-Of-2008

My Old Kentucky Blog Breaks Down 2008

Kinda what I wanted to do but never got around to it, so I'll just give you a link to a worthwhile blog's excellent coverage done in a clever manner.

Also, stream MOKB's songs of 2008, pretty sick rundown.

Spin's 10 Best Overlooked Albums of 2008

Moody Motorcyle makes the cut, an album I too agree deserved more praise. Those rockers from Jersey, Gaslight Anthem, who made a nice run in the album lists of 2008 (emusic's album of the year) also showed up. A few of these are worth a note, others went overlooked for a reason.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Looking Ahead to 2009, the year music will return!

Albums LTME is looking forward to in 2009, some that will be coming out and some we are just hoping real bad for.

Those that will be coming out:

Merriweather Post Pavillion – Animal Collective
Noble Beast – Andrew Bird
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand
TBD – Built to Spill
TBD – Pearl Jam
TBD- Wilco

Bands we’d love to see some new music from:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Handsome Furs
LCD Soundsystem
The National
Postal Service
Magnolia Electric Co.
The Shins
White Stripes

What do you know about '09? Who are you expecting albums from? What bands will return to form, who will fade out? What will be the big reunion of '09? Will I finally go to Bonnaroo/Lollapalooza in '09?

So many questions, only a year to find out.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

#1 Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Little Pacific Northwest indie folk rock group combines perfect melodies, harmonizes like angels, breathtakingly blends the essential elements of folk, lore, blues, rock, and pop sensibilities.

All the elements of music that I am drawn to are present here, as if the album were composed for my inner being.

The early Spring tease of an EP gave way to the most stunning album of the year in Fleet Foxes. Without question the band of the year. Vampire Weekend was a close second but their music doesn’t have near the soul or earnestness.

There isn’t much to say about this album and it’s EP that hasn’t already been said so I will simply state that this album deserves numerous listens and the hype is well deserved.

Congrats Fleet Foxes and here’s to the work to come!

#2 Dear Science - TV on the Radio

War is a bitch. Love is a bitch. Politics are a bitch. Society is a bitch.
Life is a bitch…a beautiful bitch.

A world of despair always seems brighter when presented in a cappella harmonies of layered texture, jabbed with tight bass lines and ever present hand claps surrounding sweet moans of hope, loss and love making. The lyrics on this album cut to the core of the present and do so in such a vivid, sharp, often sexual yet harsh manner that the listener experiences all but the inner most intimate thoughts of a band that hurts to make you listen. To hear this album is not enough, you must feel it, move to it and let your mind disconnect and pour into its sensual mastery.

Oh, but the longing is terrible
A wanton heart under attack
I wanna love you all the way off
I wanna break your back

The production of this album is beyond compare in 2008, a trait often owned by TVOTR. The brilliance of their previous works came through the working and reworking of the songs until each track eerily exists in a tangible funk club scene and computerized disconnect run by one OK Computer. But on this go around the bands strips the overdubs and heavy retooling to a base form. The brilliance of this album is that they make amazing production qualities come forth in the least produced music they’ve recorded to date. Many tagged this album as ‘too mainstream’ or ‘too approachable.’ My how music fans can be such the arrogant wash. Just the year before the giants kneeled before Radiohead for releasing its most approachable record to date while still avoiding pigeonholes or even worse the expected. Here TVOTR succeeds at the same measure, compromising nothing in so doing.

This is their most vicious album. Every song is an attack. The bombs drop and the shrapnel tears apart the norms of everyday life. They gnaw at consumerism and the American obsession to own what we don’t need. The lyrics seer through the very foundation of America and rip apart President Bush. As they redefine they destroy. Even the heart is not safe. Stories of unrequited love and the primal urges flood the album. This marks the most overtly sexual the Brooklyn boys have ventured and they are full of zeal and lust. Even their hate is stunning.

Hey Jackboot, fuck your war ‘cause I’m fat and in love
And no bombs fallin’ on me for sure
But I’m scared to death that I’m livin’ a life not worth dying for

Thursday, December 18, 2008

#3 You and Me - The Walkmen

The laughing from the table behind reminds you of home and all the ways things were in light of what they’ve become. More sullen now, you’ve steadied, but appreciate more. The laughing brings you to a better place. A different time, lighter than the world you live. It’s what you need now, then, always.

It’s dim in here but there’s a breathe to the air. This is your favorite bar. You speak to no one for hours. Just you, the bartender, the old mahogany, the wobble of stool, the glimmer of neon and the fuzz of the jukebox. It’s early now and soon they’ll arrive. They always do. They are your friends. You share the good times with sincerity, you hold tight in times of need, always proud to say who you are where you are headed.

Direct as you’ve ever been. This is you and they are you all the same.

She’s the first one to join and she envelops you with all that is right by giving nothing less than everything in a smile. Light and beautiful, her laugh focuses you on now, here. These are the good days. These are the good times.

Before long you flow into the bar, you are the stool, you are laughter, and your sight is neon and joyous.

You sing songs, tell stories, the day becomes night, night falls into nothing, you just are and they are with you all the same.

Crashed up a party, nickels and dimes
A handful of strangers, All friends of mine

The year is nearly gone as outside confusion drives tight. Inside we keep the outside far from our sight. I’m growing bolder so I pull you in tight.

You are the morning
I am the night
I was the only one
Left at the right time

You are a love song I’d love to sing, just can’t seem to grasp the fading melody. Drinks and cigars, tall tales and scars. I am in high times, this will be our year!

I’ll tell you I love you
And my heart’s in the strangest place
That’s how it started
And that’s how it ends

We’ll do this together, this one and that one, with her and with him. They’re me, I’m them and you are all that I need. So tonight we’ll be crazy as kooks and soon you’ll see, that this here world it’s for You and Me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Wow, I have once again slumped on my duties, sad but true. Life provides so many distractions these days the 'ol Bloggerman can hardly hop on here any more. It's been ready for a couple of weeks now and since everyone and their brother has already posted their's I'll slap mine up as well. Kinda surprised how much it mirrors Stereogum's 2008 Gummy Award Winners (No I did not copy).

I owe an explanation for 24-13 and I'll give and album breakdown for my fav's.

1. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
2. Dear Science – TV on the Radio
3. You and Me – The Walkmen
4. Visiter – the Dodos
5. Attack and Release – the Black Keys
6. In Ear Park – Department of Eagles
7. For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver
8. At Mount Zoomer – Wolf Parade
9. Narrow Stairs – Death Cab For Cutie
10. Songs in A and E – Spiritualized
11. Nouns – No Age
12. Microcastle - Deerhunter

Thanks to those who submitted input!
Feel free to bitch and moan about my list all you please

Friday, December 5, 2008

Album Reviews

Well, I never got around to explaining my selections so far but they will come.

In the meantime read this blogger humbling review of Chinese Democracy by Klosterman.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

24-13 of LTME Essential Albums of 2008

Here's the list.

Explanation for picks to come tom.

13. Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust – Sigur Ros
14. Alegranza – El Guinchino
15. Santogold – Santogold
16. Evil Urges – My Morning Jacket
17. Furr – Blitzen Trapper
18. In the Future – Black Mountain
19. The Slip – Nine Inch Nails
20. Consolers of the Lonely – the Raconteurs
21. The Midnight Organ Fight – Frightened Rabbit
22. Mission Control – The Whigs
23. Conor Oberst – Conor Oberst
T 24. Rejoined – The Shaky Hands
T. House with no Home - Horsefeathers

In the meantime keep posting your fav albums and songs of the year. I'll review some of your pics as well including Destroyer, Dead Confederate and others.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sing Me a Song, Your the Bloggerman

Before I unleash LTME Essential Albums of 2008 (which will look nothing like all of the other lists that come out this time of the year, mine will be in far more interesting order and Coldplay, MGMT and Kings of Leon are not on mine, which already makes mine better!), I'd like to know what songs rocked your world in 2008.

Give feedback and we'll post the readers Guide to the best of 2008 and Noah will provide everyone with a link to download the songs(he doesn't know about this yet).

Here are 12 songs (in no order) that struck me as amazing this year.

LTME Essential 12(+ 5, got carried away) songs of 2008

Murder in the City - The Second Gleam, The Avett Brothers

I Got Mine - Attack and Release, The Black Keys

Skinny Love - For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver

Bixby Canyon Bridge - Narrow Stairs, Death Cab For Cutie

Phantom Other - In Ear Park, Department of Eagles

Paint the Rust - Visiter, the Dodos

Kalise - Alegranza, El Guincho

Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes

Old Old Fashioned - The Midnight Organ Fight, Frightened Rabbit

Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part II - Evil Urges, My Morning Jacket

Eraser - Nouns, No Age

1,000,000 - The Slip, Nine Inch Nails

Creator - Santogold, Santogold

Donde Esta La Playa? - You and Me, The Walkmen

Golden Age - Dear Science, TV on the Radio

Monday, November 24, 2008

Underway, 36-25 of LTME ESSENTIAL ALBUMS OF 2008

25. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
26. Feed the Animals – Girl Talk
27. The Rhumb Line – Ra Ra Riot
28. Everything that Happens Will Happen Today – David Byrne and Brian Eno
29. We Brave Bee Stings and All – Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down
30. Real Emotional Trash – Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
31. Modern Guilt – Beck
32. Moody Motorcycle - Human Highway
33. Sea Lion - The Ruby Suns
34. Gone Ain’t Gone – Tim Fite
35. In Arm’s Way – Islands
36. Secret Machines – Secret Machines

Friday, November 21, 2008

What You May Have Missed in '08

Well gang, the feedback of late has been enough to keep 'ol LTME with it's head above water, despite the sizeable brick tied to it's ankles. Alas we are soon to close out a second year, in year in which we can all agree we learned a great deal about ourselves, the world around us and the world of music.

With so much goin' in the kitchen these days, it's best to wind back, relax, pour a glass of that which we like so much, cuddle in close to that special someone and spin a few records for old times sack. Won't be long 'til Grandfather time rises up and does away with the years that's been: 2008.

I give you now, The Best of the Rest - A Look at the Albums You Likely Missed.

The Music Tapes - Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes

Bizarre and brillant in the same scope. At times borders on errily unlistenable yet completely riviting...I know, that's like impossible right. Experimental is a weak word to descibe the finely minced sounds that and pureed into a smooth yet sharp treat. I suggest this album only to those with a strong musical sensability and the patience to try something over and over and over until it works. To help nudge you in the right direction the man in charge here used to be in a little band known as Neutral Milk Hotel. I'm just sayin'.

Tobacco - Fucked Up Friends
Sounds a lot like this...

School of Seven Bells - Alpinism

I just like it because I like maountains and stuff. But if you must know, it's also the band for that dude that left Secret Machines (which at the time sucked, but now, eh, not so bad!). Somehow more epic in scope that SM, less percussion, more harmony, female vocals etc. For folks who like SM but need a variation, this is worth a sit down.

A few more...

The Avett Brothers - The Gleam II

Rodrigo and Gabriella - Live in Japan

Women - Women

Listen to this, you'll be glad you did Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig Lazarus Dig!!!

And finally I give you Charlotte's own:

Benji Hughes, a southern version of LCD Soundsystem, meets opera, meets beer, lot's of beer.

This man is a dance party in the fleshy fleshy. Take a listen for yourself, it's extreme, it's love, it's A Love Extreme!

Grab the song: Why do These Parties Always End the Same Way?

Monday, November 17, 2008

LTME takes note and begins the process to find the Essential Albums of 2008

This year instead of an exhaustive list of albums and an amazingly insightful dissertation of 50 albums, LTME will note many of the years most interesting, worthy albums, give some insight, provide info, clips and vids so that you the reader can learn more of who is out there making good music these days. On that note, much props for those that wrote in and made recs. Many albums are locked in the top 12 list that will come by the end of the month, some came as a bit of a surprise and a few I am need of a further listen (Jejune is so hot these days!)

First up:
Delta Spirit - Ode to Sunshine (Noah rec)

New to me, but so accessible it takes no time to become a fan of this well versed and rhythmically rockin' album. Jaunty is a word that comes to mind when spinning these tracks. Infectious is another. Reminds me partly of the party styling of Oxford Collapse, but with far more fervor and extensively mature percussion, backed by well timed horns and a piano that never lets up. This is the kind of album that sounds exactly like it should. Fleshed out, layered, subtly complex but simple and non-pretentious all the same. Punky, folky and poppy...a recipe that will always win with me.

Next Pick:
Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna (Jejune)

Hot hot dance with an excellent mash-up meets tropical world beat funk vibe. At times club music at times experimental fusion of nonsense, catchy, hooky, powerfully foottapping but for me never amazing. Album has high points and great moments, but drags in repetition of bass, beat and drums. I am not much of a dance music fan, something that I am sure irks my dear friend Jejune, alas I am not a critic, I respect and understand it, just feel no connection to it that allows me to dig deeper. All that being said I do rec this album, if nothing else it is damn fun to give a shot.

Third Pick:
My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand Sharks Teeth (McConnell)

Damn, not sure how I have never heard her stuff before, just always ignored. I was shallow as I thought the name was weak and figured the music followed suit. Deeper, harder and darker than imagined. Sounds like an goth Stevie Nicks and I mean that in a good way. The focal point is the vocals and the instrumentation works around this, in some ways a lot like Yeah Yeah Yeahs arrangements, just not so funky. It's odd in all the ways that makes you want to keep listening, and intriguing enough to take pause, peek below the surface and let the whispers cover over.

Final Pick:
Pete and the Pirates -Little Death (Jejune)

Yes! Jejune strikes again. Vampire Weekend can suck this album. Tapes and Tapes, this is the direction I wish you had gone in. Pure Punk-Pop. The balance here is stellar and the execution of sound on point. I dig this album and wish I had known about it sooner....Jejune, share the wealth man.
See for yourself:

Later this week I'll throw some albums at you that won't make the list but that you should check out all the same.

Kavorka, check out Brett Drennen if you haven't already, think you may dig his stuff.

Keep on keepin' on.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello, is there anybody out there?

Just nod if you can hear me...

Seriously folks, or folk, whoever looks at this thing anymore, I am trying to get some input for the astounding yearly LTME Most Essential Albums of 2008!!!! So far Ben hit me up with Little Wayne, an album I don't even care for. Where my dogs at?

Just throw some stuff at me and I'll run from there, pretty easy task to ask.

LTME loves you, but he needs to feel the love as well.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Maybe this will garner more response than the lame lyrics crap from earlier in the week

Dear Science,

Well it hardly seems possible, but according to the ol’ daykeeper we are fast approaching the end of the record release season for the year 2008. Hotdamn! This year ‘ol LTME has experienced some noticeable ups and downs, but as the smoke clears we all see a bright future yet to come. The coverage has been spotty, the record reviews plummeted, not even sure I wrote about 10 albums this year! We did catch some good shows (Radiohead, Beastie Boys, Avett Bros., My Morning Jacket) and saw some ones that were good not great (Tim Fite, Man Man, Built to Spill, Tom Waits, Fleet Foxes) and some that just kinda sucked (Meat Puppets, Mofro). LTME did a little more to branch out into some other non-music topics (UGA football, Panthers, the election etc.) and saw some positive responses. That’s certainly something we’ve noted and will continue to write more of.

All in all, 2008 has not exactly been a banner year in music. Several major albums slugged their way through poor reviews (REM and MMJ, I’m looking at you) and many of the well reviewed albums were obscure and lacked true staying power. We saw a major rise in the fuzzed out, post punk, art rock genre (No Age, High Places, Crystal Castles, Deerhunter, the Dodos etc.) and we saw plenty of folksters on the rise (Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper etc.). So it’s time to reign in. That’s right loyal readers of LTME (McConnell, Jejune) let me know what rocked, punked, folked, danced, remixed, funked, hip-hoped, metaled, indied, countried or even classicaled it’s way into your ears and into your hearts.

Will we be taking a stroll through Central Parc or In Ear Park on this beautiful Vampire Weekend? Perhaps searching for Gossip in the Grain or animals of flight such as Conchords and Eagles isn’t your thing, even if the Eagles are of the Death Metal breed. Maybe you dig(!!! Lazurus Dig!!) the thrill of the hunt for luscious Horse Feathers or Furr. Well, young Deerhunter, it will take more than a keen perch atop the Black Mountain of Mount Zoomer to knock off a Fleet Fox when it reaches full speed. But Stay Positive, and don’t get caught up in the Real Emotional Trash of a bad hunt, because Fair Ain’t Fair. You and Me, we’re better than allowing some Slip to bring us down. We understand the Evil Urges of the hunt as we travel down this Human Highway like some Visiter of thought sent from Mission Control. You see, this is the Fate of Modern Guilt in this world of Perishing. It’s a No Age game of Attack and Release; often we learn to Feed the Animals before we take them as prey. Sometimes you’ve just got to reset the Rhumb Line, tilt yourself onward down the Narrow Stairs of loss and In Arm’s Way. There you’ll find in the haze of a Brightblack Morning Light that glimmers like Santogold, those known as the Consolers of the Lonely. They’ll speak to you as they spoke For Emma, Forever Ago: When you feel at your lowest and most lost, remember your spirit shines Brighter than Creations Dark and we must forge ahead in the hunt. As the woods will remind you; Everything that Happens Will Happen Today.

Take aim readers and join LTME in the HUNT FOR THE ESSENTIAL ALBUMS OF 2008!!!!

-Please post nominations in comments below

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Whigs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!!!

Already Young and Like a Vibration

Yeah, they rock.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often

Language is for liquid that we're all dissolved in. Great for solving problems, after it creates a problem. - Lyrics from Issac Brock's Blame it on the Tetons, a Modest Mouse classic.

Tie your Tongue, a look at the lyrics of the songs we love.

So what makes for great lyrics? The words themselves or the thoughts they convey? The way the sound when sung or the way they make you feel when you hear them? Do they find a way to connect to the song or do they connect with you? Whatever the reason, we all have lyrics that hit us right, linger in our lives and become part of our vocab.

What are some of your favorite lyrics?

I'll start with some of my favorite lyrcis:

I found myself face down in a ditch, Booze in my hair, Blood on my lips, A picture of you holding a picture of me In the pocket of my blue jeans.
Jolene, Ray Lamontagne

And I’ve heard of pious men And I’ve heard of dirty fiends But you don’t often hear Of us ones in between
For I have never seen the sun That did not bury his head in the side of the world When the day is done.

Us One In Between, Spencer Krug, Sunset Rubdown

I don't want what you want I don't feel what you feel See I'm stuck in a city But I belong in a field
Heart in a Cage, Julian Casablancas, The Strokes

I’m only waiting for the proper time to tell you That it’s impossible to get along with you, It’s hard to look you in the face when we are talking So it helps to have a mirror in the room.
There’s No Home For You Here, Jack White, White Stripes

Do You Realize - that everyone you know Someday will die -And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know You realize that life goes fast It's hard to make the good things last You realize the sun don'-go down It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round
Do You Realize?, Wayne Coyne, Flaming Lips

I been drifting along in the same stale shoes Loose ends tying the noose in the back of my mind If you thought that you were making your way To where the puzzles and pagans lay I'll put it together: It's a strange invitation
When I wake up someone will sweep up my lazy bones And we will rise in the cool of the evening I remember the way that you smiled When the gravity shackles were wild And something is vacant when I think it's all beginning

Jackass, Beck

She wore a Raspberry beret The kind u find in a second hand store Raspberry beret And if it was warm she wouldn’t wear much more Raspberry beret I think I love her
Raseberry Beret, Prince

and of course...

Hide your soft skin, your sorrow is sunshine Listen to my eyes
Company In My Back, Jeff Tweedy, Wilco

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is a change in the air?

This past Monday modern democracy met Mike D and the results were unanimous. As the pollsters lined the anxious street alongside Amos’ Southend, the temperature began to dip, the sun slowly receded and that ‘change in the air’ that everyone has been talking so much about, it blew brisk.

The event began a week or so prior with an early announcement email. Beastie Boys are headlining a Rock the Vote type tour and Charlotte is on the list of important destinations. The motive behind the tour is to bring politically charged, forward ideal enlisting and thought provoking artists together to entertain as well as remind the youth of the importance to uphold their amazing right to vote! Word was out in the music community a month or so ago that the Beastie Boys were to take their voice to the people and that all were invited to join. In supporting the true ideals of the American Democracy way of life, the B-Boys held no prejudice to who was hoping on the tour bus. The acts range from Jack Johnson and Sheryl Crow to Santogold and Tenacious D. There was one major stipulation: The cause is to raise awareness, enlist non-registered voters and encourage us to all take part in this historic race for the Oval Office. That being said, Rage Against the Machine and the likes of Steve Earle did not make the cut.

Tucked inside the warmth of the neighborhood Tavern on the Tracks, my show going partner and financial backer to LTME (he spotted me on dinner and drinks), Phil T, and myself put the worries of the day aside and warmed our thoughts with the foam of a Newcastle and the chatter of the show to come. Throughout the day there unfolded much speculation of the show; will Tenacious D make a surprise appearance? He already did a gig at UNCC this very afternoon, surely he’ll make a stop! Phil T had been shooting me emails as the day progressed: 4 private tour buses all out front. Lots of security running around in yellow shirts not looking particularly fit I might add. It seems Phil T was stalking the grounds in preparation.

As the conversation grew I leaned over to my neighbor and drew him into the fold of our talks. He fast informed us that this was to be his 5th, no scratch that, 4th Beastie Boy show, and yes he could not be any more amped for the performance to get underway. Jordan, our new found friend, was riding solo after his buddy found himself stranded a mere 20min this side of Boone. A fate none of us wished to meet on the brink such an important evening. There was intermingling of the word of the day as we brushed up on the NCAA football weekend that had been and the UGA-FLORIDA GAME this coming Saturday. I recapped my thoughts on the Panthers game and we mumbled about our failure to secure a ticket to Hampton, fucking ticketmaster. But fear not, the true topic of the hour did soon come when he made the off the cuff remark: Seems funny to me that they are doing this show seeing as everyone there is already going to be voting the same way. That way of course being the Obama way. Now I don’t want to get into semantics here, but Phil and myself may or may not be voting that way, so Jordan, perhaps things aren’t always what they seem. You get a whiff of that change yet?

We soon wrapped the talks up, everyone provided their closing remarks, our moderator delegated her charges, I seceded to Phil T and as the incumbent I gladly accepted the challengers show of good faith via the daily special “Brass Monkey” shots.

For most of the tour the Boys have been and will hit up major venues, large arenas and well known coliseums. They are checking in at the largest city in every swing state. North Carolina in the age of 2008 now sees itself as an important swing state and Charlotte, in the shadows of the recent banking fiasco, is now a major point of influence for the upcoming election. There does remain one more variable for the area: not a whole heck of a lot of music venues, especially one that can cater to a show of this nature. Turns out Amos’ fit the bill (same location as the infamous Camel Cigarette Flaming Lips show).

Up first, Santogold. I dig Santogold. As noted at the mid break of the year, her debut album has won me over. Sure it’s running on practically the same platform as M.I.A., but she might appeal to a slightly smaller constituency. For her sake, I feel bad that the press has not spread the good word as it should. I believe she should take up as many grassroots stumpers as possible, guess I need to go door to door.

Santogold made her way through the main tracks from her album and did so with a very politically friendly smile. Despite not being known to most, she won the hearts of many over and by the time her set came to close folks were cheering for more. The set was predictable and so well rehearsed it almost seemed fake. She has a great voice, but much of what was delivered had digital track backing from the DJ. This made the backing vocals a little too prominent, like Santogold was lip synching, which she was not…I READ HER LIPS! The two dancers to either side of her strutted the odd movement and swagger of some top notch B-girls with island flavoring. She drew enough praise as to have another LTME fan overhear one of the venues’ patrons tell the assistant in the bathroom that “she’s pretty hot for a black chick, you into her?” Not in the spirit of the moment at all to say the least…jerk.


If you use Sheryl Crow, the answer is: nope.


And, if you so choose, you can Three MC and one DJ the shit out of a vote as well!
When we first stood out in the brisk breeze of the air of change, we being Phil T, Hash and myself, we enjoyed an up close greeting from Mike D and MCA. I gotta say kids, they aren’t as young as they were when I wore their shirts to school and blared their CD’s in my room, but I dare say they are even cooler now than they have ever been.

That sense of coolness certainly translates to the live show as well. Just sick. Not much to describe as the Beastie’s opted to leave the instruments on the bus and focused on the rhyme routine. What I can say is that the energy was perfect. They flow across the stage bouncing off one another physically and lyrically. The spontaneity was brilliant. Altering lyrics, changing timing, throwing the verses over new back beats, they make a song that you’ve heard the same way since 6th grade sound fresh and relevant…that ain’t easy seeing as hip-hop songs age faster than any other genre.

There is a feeling of mutual respect and appreciation as well as a rare comradeary amongst the Boys that transcends into the vibe of the sound and performance. I had seen the Beastie Boys only once before at the Gwinnet Civic Arena. I was far away then but flipped out over the stage show, costumes, lighting etc. Here I saw what true fans yearn for from their favorite acts: the crowning achievement of having being one of the most important and influential artists of all time, having toured the world over and over, charted all their albums and won all the big awards, now giving back to the fans in the confines of an intimate setting. To be as corny as possible, it was indeed a special evening and I can’t believe I was there (well I guess I can, because there ain’t no way the Beastie Boys were gonna come to town and I was not gonna be there rockin out!)

The show was around 13 songs, covered the catalog and closed with No Sleep Til Brooklyn, So Watcha' Want and Intergalactic. It don’t get no better than that folks.

Maybe there is a change coming, or maybe sometimes it is best to find the tried and proven in a new light. However you see it, the moment is real, take part.

I voted about an hour ago and it felt great.

Overall Rating:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What the Fuck happened to the Story about Michael Jackson and Prince??!!

This is some bullshit if you ask me! And I am asking me! So self; What the Fuck happened? You were on a roll, had folks writing in, reading the blog and then blaaaaaaah. Nada. Weak sauce LTME, weak, weak sauce.

Well there have been some distractions as of late. Namely a need to focus on other areas of my life, why my Bulldogs aren’t the team they are supposed to be etc. None of it really worthy of the complete collapse this amazing blog suffered of late. A true disrespect to both of my readers and most importantly I’ve been without my ‘self loathing excuse’ to write about my opinion on things to myself, my biggest critic. It’s a bit of an incestuous thing going on here at LTME, but I am still in love with LTME and LTME is willing to take me back.

So without further ado, I’ll give you the finish to the MJ vs. Prince story next week.

I’m messing with you (use: Will Ferrell from Old School voice)

The Man in the Purple don’t need to look at the Man in the mirror.

Prince is the greatest Pop star of all times. But he is not the King of POP.

-You’re losing me LTME, please do explain.

Well, it goes like this, according to me, written by me, for me. (Me doesn’t always abide by proper grammar.)

Prince is the spawn of a different source. He was raised to a different beat and that beat is funky as all get out. Prince is a true instrumentalist. He can sing, he can wail and I do mean wail on the electric guitar. He can make his way around a piano and understands the bass better than most hip-hop producers. When push comes to shove, well yeah, the man can dance as well.
Well a lot of folks fall into that realm, why is he so important?

Because Prince can turn himself on and off. He can force himself back into your lives and restate why he is so powerful. Just when you forget about Prince he shows up at your house with a purple cream pie and SMACK, you remember why you love that crazy SOB.

Prince made a movie about himself, starring himself an entire era before that was acceptable. He released one of the most successful soundtracks ever to go along with that film. He was Purple Rain and the hits came rolling in and Prince became the dominant sound of dance/pop music. Then he pulled away.

He picked up his guitar and starting writing some of the most sexually charged music ever produced and released on a major label. It wasn’t a fresh start for Prince, quite the opposite. Prince became IT, felt comfortable with how he went about doing that and realize he could do it again when he was ready.

Prince is the most consistent pop artist of all time. When I say consistent in reference to Prince, I don’t mean he does the same thing over and over again, I mean that he finds a way to stay in the public consciousness and does so at his own will.

Prince has a slew of successful albums. He also has some of the most recognizable pop songs of all time (Raspberry Beret, Little Red Corvette, When Does Cry etc.). He has reinvented himself, successfully mind you numerous times. He was a symbol. A freakin symbol. Who pulls that off? He is the backbone to the Jack Nicholson character in Batman (1989), even had hits songs from that film. He has his own club in Vegas. He released the most successful pop album launches of all time in England? What? How? He gave a free copy of his album to every person that bought his album. He didn’t make the charts for this stunt as it violates the ratings system guidelines, so what does he do? He rams through a 7 night run in London, selling out every night! Can’t think of many folks that could play the same venue, seven nights in a row and sell out every night. The man has staying power. When was the last time you heard a Michael Jackson song on the radio? When was the last time you heard about Michael Jackson? Prince, well he headlined one of the biggest music festivals in the world this year and forced record sales for tix (Coachella) and you might remember he played the Super Bowl in ’07.

Prince is truly the more balanced, complete artist, he is a league of the likes of Bowie and Talking Heads, Police etc. Jackson is in the league with Madonna.

But, does that mean Prince is the KING of pop? No.

The King has a different grasp. Did Elvis shred the guitar and headline festivals, make controversial albums? No, but he is the King of Rock. Why? Because he and Jackson went beyond music. They became something bigger than they could even understand. They became a reason. They became part of our culture, our history, our lives.

Jackson, as one reader put it, made people loose control. Legions of fans around the world would trample one another for a look at him. A child in war torn sub Sahara Africa knows of Michael Jackson and likely not Prince.

Prince, to me and LTME, is the better, more important artist. Jackson, will always reign as KING however.

So what does that make Prince in the rankings of pop?

Just that.

Friday, October 10, 2008

In memory of a friend

Benjamin Hawkins, will be memorialized today (10-10-2008) at 4:00 by namesake of a study room in the Student Learning Center (University of Georgia) on the 4th floor. Benjamin was killed one week after graduation in a tragic accident. Benjamin was a great person, student (Gridiron, SAE and graduated with a BBA with a 3.95 average, summa cum laude) and friend. He is missed.

Help support an organization that serves to help keep Benjamin in our minds as well as prevent such an event to occur again, ZINGO


Thursday, October 2, 2008

He's Got the Whole World in his Hand

Trick is, that hand’s got a sequined white glove drawn tight, with the index finger pointed to the sky. Now it may be an overzealous statement to wear a single glove and use it to define your prowess, but when you are the Greatest Pop Phenomenon to ever walk the earth, well, if the glove fits…

Born into a family with musical aspirations far exceeding the realm of possibility, Michael came of age under the searing spotlight, never imagining a world where he would not be the Greatest. It’s his naïve expectations of a predestined path that allowed him to never once question his own abilities and thus become a sensation unlike the world has ever known. It’s this same school of thought that has also forced him to become a recluse, a social outcast and a man of questionable character.

Regardless of the accusations, the pet monkeys, McCaulay Culkin and the amusement parks, there is without question one resounding fact about Michael Jackson: He is the King of Pop.

The Moon Walk, Billie Jean, Dancing Zombies, The Greatest Selling Album of All Time, 2 Time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Black or White?, 13 #1 Singles, the hat, the jacket and the glove. Everything Michael does makes him more of an iconoclastic media star. He defines an era of music, culture and expression. He overcame adversity, troubled family issues, the pressures of being on top and he did it all in his own style.

It would difficult to find a human over the age of 13 that has not at least heard of Michael Jackson in some way shape or form or at least be once removed from someone who has. That is the kind of name power given to Dictators, Leaders, Religious figureheads and the rarest of artists. But that’s just it, Michael is among the rarest of all artists.

But is he the greatest?

The boy can dance, the boy can sing. He’s got a look, he’s got a way. But he also has competition.

The man in the Purple Suit…

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TV on the Radio, on TV!

LNWDL* hosted TVOTR** as part of HDLS*** a concept LTME**** is digging*****. The performance is pretty damn awesome and the album is stellar to say the least. Best part, Dave is just as confused with the title as the rest of us, in that regard, it works so well.

Dancin' Choose - TV on the Radio

*Late Night with David Letterman
**TV on the Radio
***Hello Deli Live Series
****Listen to My Eyes
*****A sentence with far too many *'s involved

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Battle Begins, who will be King?

This is our concern dude,

Well the votes appear to be in and there is an obvious winner...or is there? The numbers show MJ to be the clear-cut favorite, but that has always been the case. Does being the most popular and selling more make him the better artist? It comes down to the interpretation of King and Pop Music.
The debate begins.
Here is a collection of a few insights provided by LTME readers (thanks to all who visited and voted, not like this is for anything other than my own personal satisfaction, so thanks for making me feel more satisfied).
MJ. The average person can name more MJ songs than Prince songs. Pop = Popular. I think at his peak, MJ's global appeal far exceeded Prince's. -AD

there is no question... MJ - JW

Both are Queens! - WQ (my favorite response)

MJ no question. When Prince comes out on stage (which he still does) people freak out. But when MJ comes out on stage... - reader Phil T

I voted. McCain/Biden. - Schant

and the discussion that will lead to my retort...

This is a serious question, and I regret that I will not be able tofully commit myself to answering it, but to give a quick opinion onthe matter I would have to say that Michael Jackson is the real Kingof Pop. My primary reason for this is that there is a great deal ofPrince's music that does not constitute "pop." That is, if you take"pop" for its literal meaning, which is "popular," as in popularculture, or more generally, what is popular at the moment, I wouldhave to say that a lot of Prince's work does not fall into thiscategory. His work was much more experimental than Jackson's, whichin my opinion, ultimately makes the quality of his work better, or atleast more influential or inspiring, but I do not think that thispermits him to hold the title King of Pop. Michael Jackson is theKing of Pop solely for the fact that at the time of its release, andto this day, his music has always been universally popular. This is my opinion. I look forward to reading your semi-drunken ramblings about this subject.
Also, I spent more time and energy in drafting this email than I haveon all the emails I have written to my parents combined since I havebeen in Iraq. Take care.
- reader Pickle

Thanks again for taking part in this historic exercise. Stop back for my take soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

So So Handsome, Somewhat Shaky

New Tunes from Handsome Furs:

Legal Tender and They Will Be Done

Sounds more hard driven, focused more on guitar, less storytelling in the singing and void of the filler sounds...this all of course pre-production of a studio album however...of course.

--The Shaky Hands are also back and the new album has won me over, great evolution for this band. More to come on that.

--The votes and comments have been coming in strong and the clear fan favorite is MJ, I'll explain and provide a rebuttal this week.

--GO DAWGS!!! AJ GREEN is a beast! Pumped for the blackout vs. BAMA!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Albums that let these ears see; Chp. 6

The Live Album, a look at the two that set the stage

Hampton Comes Alive - Phish

In all accurate measures, my first truly experienced live album is Hot August Night by none other than Neil Diamond, and there are countless others that I have heard bits and pieces from over the years and I owned and listened to many great ones all the same. There are two that changed the way that I listened to live albums however.

One comes from the legendary jam band with a penchant for breathtaking live shows that infused the jazz improve and funky rhythms that allows every rendition to vary as well as allows the listener to never grow tired during the set for the anticipation of what may unfold. This comes by way of Hampton Comes Alive, Phish. I’d say roughly 80% of the Phish I have listened to has come via live recordings and there as endless collections of bootlegs as well as official releases, but this was a packaged Live recording and marketed as such. It’s difficult to define the ‘best’ when it comes to live music as everyone has a different opinion and often a connection to a certain show or period of a band. This marks the band at my personal favorite.

I almost wrote that I have “moved on from Phish,” but that would negate my entire reason for entry in this study. It’s true that I indulged in a strong study of this band in college. I was intrigued by their endless energy, the ceaseless renditions of their standards, the rarities, the classic moments captured deep within a jam that only those willing to give themselves would ever discover. I become more a fan of the way this band forced me to listen to their music than I ever did a fan of the actual band.

That says a lot. To spend so much devoted energy with a band with the sole purpose of seeing just how intricately involved I could become now shows me that they are among the strongest of influences in my musical world, and I really don’t think they are all that great.

But what does stand out to me was that I could listen to a bootleg from some show in New Hampshire in ’89 and catch a early version of a song played mostly on piano, that would sound robust and guitar driven on ’93 recordings and then would receive the full brass support on the ’95 tour and then be stripped down to a crisp, tight cut by ’97.

I respect the shit out of this band and I thank them for being so overtly cliché amongst the college crowd as it forced me to tune my ears to something unexpected. Oddly enough, had it not been for Phish I likely would have never liked The Velvet underground, Bowie, MMJ, Spoon etc. the way I do now. It’s a gateway drug.


Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads

To be as steeped in the essential post-punk new wave of my generation as I was it never truly hit me just how much of a fan of Talking Heads I was until I heard this album.

I grew up on the sounds of post punk and pop radio and I never really knew that what I loved about them was contained in one band. I have always loved the talking Heads songs that play on the radio; they are irresistible, as far I as I am concerned the Heads are in the league of Elvis and Bob Marley, everyone knows it and everyone agrees that it just sounds good. But a chance encounter with the album Stop Making Sense my senior year of HS and then a reaffirmation my sophomore year of college set Talking Heads atop my list of bands I want to see live (luckily I would have the good fortune of catching David Byrne at the Georgia Theatre before graduating, it remains a highlight of my Athens nights and one of the finest lives shows I have ever been a part of).

SMS is almost too good of an album. It was recorded as part of Director Jonathan Hemme’s film on the band over a three night stand on the Speaking in Tongues tour of ’83. What unfolds is well documented and has been viewed multiple times by any serious music fan as well as numerous fans of having a good time, dancing and great tunes.

It’s the evolution of the show/album that allows it to stand apart from all other live albums. Bare and essential from the opening with only Byrne, acoustic guitar and a backing beat track the show and the sounds grows until they are bulging at the seams by the time the curtain drops.

The entire Heads back soon takes the stage and is joined piece by piece by female backing vocals, more percussion and Bernie Worrell on keys. It’s an unreal stage performance by all involved. The way in which the show develops and grows serves as a metaphor not only for the evolution of the band but for performing arts as a whole as well as modern culture and expression…this is Byrne we are dealing with so the metaphors are always heavy.

I have no idea how many times I have heard the Heads standards, nor can I count the number of spins this album has taken for me (I’ve owned three DVD’s, purchased the album twice and currently have one burnt copy in my house and one in my car, so yeah I am obsessed). I don’t listen to it like I once did, that happens with everything, but when I do myself that favor every now and then I am always reminded of what the perfect live album is and how most every other live album cowers in its presence, save maybe Kicking Television.

The perfect collection of songs, the performance of a lifetime and the encapsulating aura of one of rock-pop music’s most acclaimed and important artists; it doesn’t get much better than that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There's an Underdog in us All

In my adolescence it defined a rivalry unlike any other known in the south. Whence the pillows were strewed across the room and the comforter piled in a heap by the door, the field was ready for battle. The titans who took this field did so in the name of honor, pride and dignity. Two storied programs with everything to gain and everything to lose. It was a place of reckoning. A majestic 76 x 80 inches of grit and grovel, where only men entered and legends departed. There were endless disputed calls, issues of home field advantage, bloody noses and the occasional feud that rendered the game incapable of completion, leaving the legions of fans to wonder; what if?

For all intensive purposes, it’s really nothing more than a king size bed. But the battles that unfolded atop the box springs are deeply rooted in the Pue brother lore. It was that which defined us. It was Bed Football, the most sacred of all games.

There are two topics which are but whispered by outsiders when it comes to the brotherhood of the Pue’s. The first is the widely known saga of Tecmo Super Bowl, a game that swallowed days of our lives and dictated a coming of age. Years of abuse and ridicule eventually gave way to a rising of a new power as Roger Craig, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Brent Jones and Tom Rathman paved a way for a new Pue to hold the crown, ending the war once and for all. It should be noted that after 3 consecutive losses and a thumping of my cousin, the Pue males have never played the game against or in the presence of one another; it is to this day barely even spoken of. It of course being the way I devastated the fragile worlds they knew with my two favorite words “TOUCHDOWN” and “SACK.”

The other topic, far less known is Bed Football, a time honored tradition unlike any other. There were countless games, but the Annual Christmas Bed Football game was something that was marked on the calendars weeks ahead of schedule. The training and preparation were rigorous but so very necessary. Every year the lights would dim low, the doors would be locked and the reputation of the “Greatest Bed Football Player in the World” went on the line.
It was here that I learned the might of one of the singular most important notions of the game of life, sport and otherwise: The Underdog truly does have a shot at winning, and often does just that.

Insurmountable odds? Perhaps the single greatest piece of motivation ever uttered. The very backbone of this great nation rests upon this notion.

This past weekend two teams dear to my heart did all they could to defend their honor, pride and dignity. This past weekend two teams laid it all on the line, one the underdog the other the reason for the underdog.

Tecmo Super Bowl 8; University of Georgia vs. Univeristy of South Carolina in Columbia.

The dogs were shaky at best, but as Richt put it we still received the grade of “W” on this effort and for now, that’s enough.

There is just something about the Gamecocks that the Dawgs just can’t seem to handle. Every year this game grows with intensity, I’d dare say it has become one of the premiere rivalries in the SEC, and there lies the problem. UGA is proud to admit this. This pride blinds us and allows for the role of underdog to be slapped on the Cocks every year, something that serves far more to motivate than hinder.

There is the unthinkable reality that UGA must face every season, what if we lose to USC? The SEC conference play opener for the dawgs serves to be the first stumbling block every year. Win or lose, we are never the same team afterwards. This year proved once again that you can never underestimate the runt of the East, they’ll hang around to the end and do all within their might to take hold of that age old adage; Every (under)dog has his day.

The Dawgs advance and move on to a shaken Arizona St. team that fell to the bite of the underdog via the Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV. We’ll have to wait and see what unfolds, as neither team is the same. I’d like to think the Dawgs open up and finally become the cohesive unit we’ll need to be for the stretch through the SEC.

Bed Football, It’s Christmas in September.

I don’t even know what to say about my Panthers, just plain awesome. Sure they have flaws aplenty and they will have certain ups and downs as the season moves on (we’ll still lose at least one game to the Dirty Birds), but damn, what a way to start the season!

Maybe Fox knew something I didn’t when he agreed to bench our star player against two of the biggest baddest teams in the NFC, not likely, but it’s still great to take part in the swelling of expectations that surround the Panthers.

Just when all seemed gloomed and doomed we had what we missed all of last season, we had a spark, a spark from a familiar yet somewhat forgotten catalyst. When Jake get pissed he gets fired up and when he gets fired up we win big games.

You wanna knock Delhomme’s helmet off? Be my guest, we’ll catch you at the post game wrap up show with that dumbfounded look upon your face.

The Cats roll to Minn to face the 0-2 Vikings, which proves to be a major test for this team on the rise. This is the NFL, rarely do teams drop 3 games in a row. Vikings are looking for answers and they hope to find it at home. Panthers love playing and winning on the road. We’ve got the advantage of our ‘star player’ returning, but the difficulty of living up to the hype of the expectant winner.I’m not convinced that the Panthers aren’t still the underdogs, but I do know this one will be a fight to the finish. Here’s to hoping the Panthers produce those two very special phrases early and often; “TOUCHDOWN” and “SACK.”

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Birdmonster is back, here's proof

New single from Birdmonster's second album From the Mountain to the Sea


I haven't actually heard the album yet, just thought this single was worthy of a post.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Making Poor Decisions

I am what many may consider a bit of an ‘overthinker’ at times. For as long as I can recall I have always held firm to my beliefs, my thoughts, my way. I can’t say this has always been the best option, but I can say that it is a rare occasion that I jeopardize who I am to myself and to my friends. Instinct and action without recourse or doing without accountability are on opposite shoulders of my head. Fighting an urge to do what I know to be better has dictated much of my life. Again, I can’t say it’s always been for the best. Often I wonder what my life would be like if I let things rip a little more. Most of my adolescent years and into the majority of my college experience I entered into leadership roles. I can’t begin to explain how much these experiences have taught me about myself, they are among the most defining elements of my life. More so than just testing my mettle, I gained amazing insight towards working with others and learning about one another’s word, trust, morals and friendship. Needing so count on others and having them count on you speaks volumes of one’s character.

That being said I do have an angle that I take in life to cut the tension. I try to maintain a positive outlook, an aggressive action mentality and regardless of the situation, I aim to keep a sense of humor.

The obvious flaw in this is of course, my sense of humor.

It’s dry, low-high brow, curt, self reflective, complicated, heavy on references and often massively misunderstood. There are those that get my sense of humor. These are the people that truly know me the best. Essentially these are the handful of people to even bother to read this here blog.

My oft repeated offensive is to thrust my sense of humor on others or perhaps a better way to put it, force others into a situation that is construed from self inflicted awkwardness. In other words, I screw up often and have a hard time explaining it to others. Good thing that doesn’t apply to anything else.

I’m Ok with that. I’m more than OK with that. It’s what make me, for better or worse, me. I forgive and forget easily in these terms.
Where I draw a line.

I have minimal tolerance for blatant malicious acts. Lying, stealing, harming or threatening the well being of others mentally or physically. I do as much as I can to avoid this. Which is why I take it so deeply and seriously when I encounter it and even more so when it is inflicted on me.
What I have come to discuss is a matter that directly and indirectly effects my well being; mentally and physically.

The Punch and the Penalty.

The preseason sucker punch Steve Smith laid has repercussions reaching further than Ken Lucas’ jaw line. They test the structural integrity of sport and the league.
For starters, for a leader and well respected athlete and role model like Smith to punch anyone is inexcusable. To punch a teammate, unreal. We all know the stigma that revolves around professional athletes, no need to harp on any of that other than to say, for what he does and what he gets, he knows better.

Here is where things get tricky.

The NFL did not sanction Smith, the Carolina Panthers did. Sounds like the right thing to do doesn’t it. Professional athlete blatantly violates team rules, brings shame to his namesake and that of the team and the league. He must pay a price.

At the same time, he works in an industry of raw aggression that spills over to entertainment. He’s a hothead, but he’s also one of the better athletes in the league and an essential ingredient to the success of the Panthers.

So who’s really being punished by the two game suspension?

Smith? Sure he misses being on the field, misses the money he would be earning and misses out on the pure sport of competitive professional football. But is this making him a better person? Is the suspension going to make him a better athlete?

The Panthers surprised most everyone by starting the season in San Diego against the highly touted Chargers. They showed their mettle and found a way to overcome adversity to win the game. This Sunday they take the field at home against Conference foe the Chicago Bears, again without Smith. This stands to be a massive game in terms of the Conference picture and may hold major bearing come playoff time. Does it make sense to take the field without Smith? Isn’t the objective of professional sports to win and entertain? Are we, as fan not being robbed of this? Are Smith’s teammates not being further subjected to punishment for the foolish act of one player? Why Smith couldn’t be forced to speak in schools, do massive amounts of community service and give large donations to charities is a mystery to me. That would help so many.

Having Smith on the sidelines helps no one, and hurts many. No lesson is learned. No battle has been won.

Smith let his teammates, his fans, his family and the league down when he acted out.
Now the Panthers are letting their players and most importantly the fans down by not putting themselves in the best possible position to win this game.

Where does that line get drawn?What are your thoughts?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here's Looking at you

MY MORNING JACKET - HOB, Myrtle Beach, SC; Aug. 31, 2008

Evil eyes hid ominously in the shadows as Jacket marched on stage and strummed their way into the opening of a massive set full of the zealous and wild sounds of Evil Urges. The album has garnered mixed reviews, deservedly so. It’s a frustrating album from a band thought be putting out the finest material of their career, not toss away songs. But regardless LTME’s opinion of Evil, Jacket still melts the stage live.
Jim James is a rock icon.
He embodies the true essence of a lead man. Flamboyant, confident, bold, weird, brilliant and talented as hell. The difference in a lead man like Jim James and say Bono is that the rest of jacket are just as essential to the live show as is their front man, often times more crucial than he.
My Morning Jacket is a perfect unit of sound.
They are about the tightest band in the world. They play rockin’ songs without overshadowing the sound with loudness or unneeded solos. They appreciate the importance of the layered sound and stay in time perfectly to execute their songs to a degree that always makes them sound better live than on the album.
Obstinately, My Morning Jacket is the premiere rock outfit in the US, southern or otherwise.
Theoretically, My Morning Jacket is among the most important bands in the modern era of rock n’ roll.
Technically, My Morning Jacket is the most engaging live act in the US.
Obviously, My Morning Jacket kicks ass.
This is the second go round I have had with the band, and it met and possibly surpassed expectations. I am openly obsessed with this band (that little picture on the far right of my header, that’s Jacket playing live). Seeing them at the height of the Z tour ranks among the greatest shows I have ever witnessed. This was a pretty amazing show as well; there were just some different circumstances that played a role in this one.
Rolling into Myrtle about 35 minutes before the door opens and having dinner as the groups top priority was not the best way to start the night. But I had just travelled from Athens, GA, so we needed to sit for a minute, catch our breath, grab a bite and drink a cold beer. It’s just a shame that 500 other people got settled in the venue while I ate a shitty Philly cheese steak.
Once inside, my brother and lady friend were content hanging out in the balcony, not in a vantage point of the actual band, rather catching some glimpses of the act on a fuzzy monitor that hung off the side of the wall. I go into a mild panic attack.
This is not an event to be heard, it is to be felt and lived.
I had to find a better spot.
Missing the first few tracks, I scrambled my way around the balcony and lower levels peering in and around the masses, eyes desperately scouring for a void in the sea. I found a temporary focal point, no panorama, but a sneak peek all the same. I hurriedly grab the others and bring them to rest their eyes on what I was seeing. They were not seeing things as I was. Another move was in order and my eyes chased the floor as a dehydrated dog laps at an empty bowl on a hot day.
We found a spot where we could all see, at least well enough.
Sharing turns at the front of our triangle of vantage and rotating around on the stairs and making runs to the bar, we took in as much Jacket as we were able to set our eyes on. I think I made two believers in the process. One, a fan for a while via me finally saw the might of the act he previously felt would be mellow and folksy live. The other realized, well at least took a major stride towards realizing, that I don’t go to shows with noodling hippies. She’s still not sold, but we are making progress.
The energy, the showmanship, the insane lighting!!! The set list was stellar. Heavy on Evil, as it should be in support of the album, they still touched on It Still Moves, TN Fire and the cream of the crop from Z. In the finale these eyes soaked up the one two punch of Evil’s closer then into a smashing Run Thru with a somewhat unexpected Holiday closer. This was a rock show by all accounts. I am a redeemed believer in the Jacket again.
Jacket may have had their evil eyes perched to loom over the crowd, but all eyes were on them as we heard and lived a special show.
Long live Jacket and long live the craft of a true rock show.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dawgs roll, Jacket rocks

Well the dawgs put up some big numbers, played a lot of new names and delivered on not falling to the No. 1 hype. Athens was damn hot and the 12:30pm kickoff was not a picture perfect way to start the season, but we've got plenty of good ones coming up. The SEC had an interesting weekend all around. USC surprised many folks with a solid second half while UT surprised everyone with their second half collapse. But the talk of the weekend was BAMA and the way they handled a highly tauted Clemson squad. Looking forward to seeing the dogs on the tele with some ac and replays this weekend and then we'll get a crack at USC with the SEC opener, game will say a lot.

MMJ show on Sunday was phenominal! Back on the wagon with MMJ, they are insane live, such a awe encompassing perforamce and production.

2008-08-31 House Of Blues - Myrtle Beach, SC
1. Anytime
2. Aluminum Park
3. Off The Record
4. Evil Urges
5. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.1
6. Two Halves
7. Golden
8. Thank You Too!
9. I'm Amazed
10. Evelyn Is Not Real
11. Sec Walkin
12. War Begun
13. Phone Went West
14. Cobra
15. Librarian
16. Dondante
17. Gideon
18. Lay Low
19. Mahgeetah
20. Wordless Chorus
21. Highly Suspicious
22. Smokin From Shootin
23. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.2
24. Run Thru
25. One Big Holiday

Review to come.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Shredding the Mind!!! RAWK! CREED!!! OMFG!!!

My new favorite line of videos available online (thanks reader Phil T)

Almost as tight as they normally play, just that the vocals aren't as forced here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RIP Leroi Moore

Founding member of Dave Mathews Band and sax genius, Leroi Moore passed away last night. Can't say I was ever much of a fan of the band, but you can't deny him as a musician, just great. Hate to hear such a talent was lost, rare to find true jazz virtuosos that make a name for themselves these days.
Read the AP article here:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Because it's been so long since someone challenged me

Taking the theme, design, creative genius of Spike Jonze and his upcoming production of Where the Wild Things Are, MMJ has whipped itself up a little trek in the jungle to go along with the stellar album closer to Evil Urges' Touch Me I'm Going to Scream pt. 2.

The video has a subtle message about the abuse of resources in man's quest to control and harness without balance or need. Totally changed my whole perspective on shit.

Pumped to see these crazy fellas next weekend after watching the number one team in the nation take on Georgia Southern between the hedges. GO DAWGS!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

One Man, One Mustache, One Mission

Avid Dawg fan, fellow Whig supporter, good friend and Extreme Rad Biker, Mac Steele is on a quest for a Title and a Tickler.
Follow Mac on his journey as he takes his glorious crumb catcher, charming charisma and courageous devotion all the way to Miami.
Feel the Fuzz!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Albums that let these ears see; Chp 5

Superunknown – Soundgarden

When darkness is an only friend, but still a lonely friend, you can choose to walk alone or embrace the shadow of your soul.

This album broods; it oozes, sinks, sinks in deep and leaves a stench. It’s dark, lost and heavy. There’s a thunderous collective sound that rises above the morose. It rhythmically drives the movement along, pushing faster and further. Cavernous layers of sound envelope the light and eclipse the soul from salvation. Then there’s Cornell’s voice. The more it hurts to sing, the more sincere he makes it sound. There’s a haunting beauty to his screams, uplifting in their desperation.

Misery lusts a companion. Grab a seat, pour yourself a glass and hear my story.

Soundgarden is the rain that blankets Seattle in a dark, damp grey. The sound evokes flannel, long hair, coffee shops, broken spine used novels and the frustration of a generation tagged without a cause, an answer or a set future. In an odd twist, this album is as much a part of me as any other work of art. It speaks to me. We all have an inner voice, a driving yet questioning voice that is our every waking guidance. I’ve questioned myself much over the years. I question myself in ways still. Part of my being wants separation, a freedom from what I’ve become as a necessary means to reinvent to rise again. It’s tough to find the traction to pull yourself ahead of this, and often I fell myself slipping more than rising. The void that exists where you are unyielding to the hope and unrelenting to the apathy is an uneasy place. It’s a place of the unknown. An ally in this unknown has been this album, the testament of the Superunknown.

There is a power to this album. A true message of hope that comes just as it takes you down. I know I am headed for the bottom, but I’m riding you all the way.

Among the finest albums from start to finish I have ever allowed in my life. This album is whatever you need it to be. A thrashing uplift to journey on, a place of reflection or a comfort in needing neither; it’s all within.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Always On the Cutting Edge

LTME is so ahead of the curve its damn near on the final straightaway while everyone else is at a pit stop.

LTME is openly obsessed with certain bands, Radiohead of course being one of those bands. Lately it can't seem to get enough. In fact during the period where the posts crept into near nonexistence, well most of that void was filled with RH, self reflection and healthy doses of booze.

When in one of these slumps it is common practice to adhere to the old adage, misery loves company. I used to be an avid reader, now I read when I can, which is not nearly often enough. I did however knock out the perfect book during this fuzzy phase, Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. Reviewed earlier by LTME.

Now I come to find these two worlds have combined!

Radiohead, after learning that the theme and main character was inspired by their album Pablo Honey and it's monster hit Creep, Yorke and Co. saw the film, dug it and agreed to not only write the closing number but also scored the movie! Just think, if more people read this blog we'd have known that months ago. Read more here from this other music website thing

I think I should now write a review of the UGA football team and the White Stripes...I'm just saying.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sammies Sophmore release

I missed the show this past Saturday, but don't take that as a sign for lack of interest in the upcoming release from the best band in Charlotte, the Sammies. Album comes out later in September but you can hear some of the tunes now on their myspace page as well as read about it on the blog

Pretty solid reviews so far, I have high hopes on this one.

Still trying to line up a time to grab a beer with Frank, from the Sammies, I'll post something if that ever happens.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Albums that let these ears see; Chp 4

Two For the Ages;

Full Moon Fever – Tom Petty

It’s not a career defining album, it’s not even a classic, but it is damn good. It’s pure, American and it speaks to us all. This was my first Tom Petty album and it reinvented the artist for me. Once I thought of him as just one of those radio guys, never delve into the tunes and mostly wrote off a lot of what I heard as just good Top 40. For simple radio listening Tom ranks among those I love to hear the most. His songs are staples of the American way of life. He is just so damn earnest it’s hard to not like him.

This album changed things for me. It brought to focus my inner passion for rockabilly and alt country timing. I never got into Dylan and the Yardbirds were too old for me at this point, but Petty reached me. There is something so endearing about a slightly off tune scratchy voice when it’s filled with the right mix of emotion and the truest of lyrics.

Then there’s the band itself. The lineup born to make good old fashioned, down to earth rock ‘n roll. They look everybit the part and sound even more so. This album marked Tom’s first real attempt at singles and explored some more of the Pop motivated sound of Into the Great Wide Open, possibly a better album just didn’t know that at the time, and took them on a more focused route.

Full Moon Fever sounds a lot like Tom’s just talking to ya. Telling you stories of his life, his dreams and his beliefs; this album just feels right. If nothing else it taught me to disregard stereotypes and to seek out the music that appealed to me alone. This after all was in the crucial social age of middle school. Not a lot of Tom Petty t-shirts floating around the halls of my school.

I even recall scrawling the TP logo onto a picnic table at lunch one day. The following lunch I noticed someone had added “and Garth Brooks RULE!” in complete sarcastic jest. Punk was probably wearing a NOFX shirt.

Chronicle Vol. One – Creedence Clearwater Revival

It may be a greatest hits album, but who cares it’s one of the most astounding collection of songs to be found on one album. This is without a doubt one of the most important bands in American history and this collection belongs in the home of every red-blooded American.

Brandon Flowers of the Killers once noted something to the effect that he wasn’t sure what the tag Emo really meant but if it were up to him he would tag CCR as Emo, because no one sings with as much emotion as John Fogerty.

The songs are relentless here. Hit after hit after hit, each one with it’s own attitude. There are love ballads, free wheelin’ hippy songs, pure American songs, anti-war songs, country rock songs and even an epic take on I Heard It Through the Grapevine…what other rock band can pull that off?

Some argue the merits of this album are against the notion of a true album as this is a collection, namely a packaged assembly of the best material the band had put out to date. It’s almost cheating to take all of a band’s best songs and put them on a record and say it’s an album. Those people are just jealous that they do not have the magnitude of songs to compose such a Chronicle.
Do yourself the honor and abide to your American birth rite and get a copy of C 1:CCR if you do not already own it. If that album is among your collection already, break it out, roll down your windows and let the summer heat blow through your car as you crank the volume dial down to the right.

Play it loud and play it proud!