Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tears Are Buzzing

New tunes unleashed by Arctic Monkeys, who sound like they have refined their rock sound and should be ready for another onslaught of world domination. Via Stereogum, the Monkeys have been working with Josh Demme of QotSA, as Gum notes the material isn't heavier, just darker. This song is pretty great, I am excited about where this band may be headed, I'll be all about the return of the Monkeys.

Crying Lighting - Arctic Monkeys (from Big Day Out, AUS)

Man, there is a lot of amazing music going on in '09, could be a banner year. Saw earlier today that Pitchfork was gloating how Andrew Bird, Bon Iver and Animal Collective have cracked the Top 25 on Billboard...that's downright amazing. GO INDIE!

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