Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deer Tick Covers Paul Simon

It's as rewarding as it should be.

thanks for letting me steal your link, I Quess I'm Floating (a great blog FYI)
Still Crazy After All these Years (Paul Simon) - Deer Tick

Speaking of great covers, Stereogum is keeping us all posted on the new Phosphorescent album, a tribute by way of covers from the extensive and heartfelt catalouge of one Willie Nelson. Another pairing that will certainly yeild fantastic results. Very excited to hear this album (out 2/3).
Reasons to Quit (Willie Nelson) - Phosphorescent

Read more here from the Stereogum article.


m. jejune said...

I dig that cover. BCP, do you have any interest in driving to Asheville to see Deer Tick open up for Jason Isbell? It would be a pretty far drive to see an opening set, so I'm hesitant to buy tickets.

bcp said...

When is the show?
It is a drive, but if it's a wknd show I'd be down for bringing a few folks and making a weekend of it.