Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Radiohead Recap

RADIOHEAD - Verizon Wireless, Charlotte, NC 5/9/08

I know this show deserves a writeup, I just simply do not have the energy to grasp the show and change it into words. Phenomenal is the single word I can justly apply. The setlist, the energy, the lighting, it was as it should be for a band atop the world of music. They did it on their terms and it blew minds. They are without a doubt THE BAND. The live up to all the hype and then throw in a healthy dose of personality on top, making the dark, brooding and surreal of their music show a human side...that's where the real connection comes. Yorke and crew are just as tight as they come. Interchanging instruments, accomplaning one another on selections, playing in numerous keys, scales and speeds. It is difficult to describe. It must be experienced.

Highlights of the night came mostly from In Rainbows, but there were some legends tossed in the mix, with two of the finest songs ever written, Paranoid Android and Fake Plastic Trees...worthy of the price of admission in it's own right.

I apologize for the lack of review, just one of those weekends and now the buzz has passed and I can't express it like it deserves.


Set 1: All I Need, There There, Airbag, 15 Step, Nude, Sail to the Moon, Weird Fishes/Apreggi, Myxomatosis, Idioteque, Morning Bell, Videotape, Optimistic, Where I End and You Begin, You and Whose Army?, Everything in Its Right Place, Bangers & Mash, Bodysnatchers

Encore 1: Go Slowly, Talk Show Host, Exit Music, Planet Telex, House of Cards

Encore 2: Paranoid Android, Reckoner

Take a look for yourselves at some of the highlights.

You and Who's Army

15 Step

Planet Telex

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