Monday, September 10, 2007

Things Fall in place…and sometimes apart

I told my roommate last night with all sincerity that I enjoy the fall more than any other season, more than Spring, Summer and sometimes Winter. It has everything I look for in a season. Sports, Music, Movies, Temperature, Holidays, new line of garbs at TJ Max…the list goes on. I really cannot even wrap all I like about fall up in a few words, but I’ll do my best.

Here we stand, amongst the leaves of brown and red and orange and the grass so dry. Here we stand on the brink of what’s to come and what has just been set aside. The passing of summer brings about the breeze of change and a skip to the stride. Here’s to the days of pigskin and rye.

August is hot, fuckin’ real hot. But August also marks the start of football season, so August is pretty damn good, fuckin’ pretty damn good. I won’t waste yours and my time by explaining why football is the best of the major sports in the world, because if you do not already feel the same way, then I don’t want you reading my blog no more.

I grew up in what once was a simple southern city that had real aspirations to make it big someday. We had very little by way of entertainment and both my brother and myself were high-energy involved kids, so my parents had to find things to occupy our busybodies. The two most successful activities my parents found to occupy my time in the fall was football and the Boy Scouts. Subsequently the fall has been held in a special spot in my being ever since. But long before I became the best 190lb center Charlotte Country Day has ever known, I used to observe the game high up the stands rooting for the best basketball school in the national to win one on the gridiron. Not that it has any bearing on my falls since, but I do still remain a UNC football fan.

As I grew I took the game on in many ways and my base of teams grew. I branched out of the Carolinas and began to follow the likes of FSU, Michigan and Colorado. To be completely honest I also liked some school from Alabama, the one that doesn’t have crimson on their uniforms…that was before I discovered a little town aptly titled the Classic City.

Fall also meant camping, hiking and climbing, which I found to be the most fascinating stuff in the world. Just me and the stuff on my back working outdoors, it just felt so natural to me and these days are among my most fond. I have dwindled in my outdoor activities for many reasons, but I need to get back to those ways and I need to do it soon.

Now for the rest of why I love the fall.

I HATE BASEBALL. Fall means football on TV, far too much of it, but I’ll watch Northen Illinois vs. Western Kentucky hightlights before I suffer through mindless blurbs about how so and so has been hitting well for that team and facing a left handed pitcher that listens to Metallica in a speedo before the game, on a Thursday evening, when its between 72-76 degrees, with slightly overcast skies, 32 people in the second row, one goat sacrificed and 20cc’s of elephant testosterone pumping through his veins he is likely to get on base twice…and that will be AWESOME!

Beyond Sports this is why fall TV is awesome.
1. Curb Your Enthusiasm
2. The Wire
3. Dexter
4. Friday Night Lights
5. Heroes
6. Californication

The shows are always the best in the fall. The Flaming Lips at Amo’s and Echo Project are the highlights to come, but there will be plenty to report.

The Albums I cannot wait for.
1. Band of Horses
2. Devendra Banhart
3. Sunset Rubdown
4. The Raconteurs
5. Britt Daniel
6. Tapes N’ Tapes

We’ll see if Wolf Parade has time to put another one out as well.

Here’s to the end of the wedding season and the start of all things Pue!

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