Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gettin' My Act Together, One of These Days

For now, NEW RATING SYSTEM!!!!!!!!

Settle down, let me explain. I know everyone loved my numerical system that was based on just whatever the fuck kinda mood I was in, but I am tired of having the same rating system as that other blog, pitchforks or whatever. So, with no further delay I give you the greatest thing I have ever done...

No longer will a great album receive some BS rating of 9.3, no sir! Now they will receive the honor of getting:

PRETTY AWESOME HUH! Note the ears in relation to listening to an album, ties in nicely with the name of the blog as well. But LTME, what about when you do one of those amazing reviews of the shows that you grace your presence with, how might you rank them? are surely asking yourself.

Have no fear, I have come up with a solution to that as well.
I saw Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in High School, it is probably the best concert I have been to for several reasons (one being they were in LED FUCKING ZEPPELIN!). In conversation, if we conversing numerically, I would give that show a 5. Now, if I were talking about that show I would demonstrate it's might visually with these suckas:

It's almost too much, I know. Genius how I spun the whole ear=listening thing into eye=watching thingy... again making connections back to the name of this blog, which is awesome as well!

So the run of the mill review might look like this from now on...

Obscure Album You Won't Listen To - Band You've Never Heard of (in neat colors :)

Funny remark........reference to where they are from.....last or how not they sound like other bands that you may or may not have heard of.....lots of random words used to describe pretty straight forward things like 'guitar good, singing not good' ......funny remark.....mention of songs from the album....some italicized lyric from that song....possibly some Haiku I write or poem using the same syntax and the band....closing remarks.....

and then the oddly low (and snob) rating I give the album after all the above talk, most of which was headed in a direction that surely was going to give the album a good score, but nevertheless

No need to thank me for all this, I get enjoyment enough knowing that reading my blog is the most important thing you guys have going on in your lives.

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