Monday, September 24, 2007

Did Made Said Thought

Do Make Say Think - Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, 9-20-07

Haven't had a chance to review this show and not feeling like getting overly into it, but I do want to hit some bullet points worth covering.

- Tremont's sound system was not at all prepared for this band, way to much fuzz and meddling of the layered noises, but nevertheless I was quite impressed with these folks.

- It's an 8 piece outfit complete with sax, trumpet, violin, two drums, bass and a pretty damn good lead guitar...who is certainly a heroin abuser based on appearance, he was the focal point in a lot of ways, at one point he got off stage and was playing in the crowd, which was small and seemed confused, I liked the move.

- Band wrote a special intro just for the Charlotte gig, it was written in a Cracker-Barrel as they were having their van worked on, which died, 6 days into their current tour

- High Life is very cheap and cold there

- My original mention of comparing this band as being like Explosions in the Sky was accurate, but not so grandiose, more along the lines of Sunset Rubdown and Besnard Lakes...I dug it and recommend getting hold of some of their recorded material

- Although the band had a great sound and interesting song structure and approach, they seemed out of sync, which wasn't all that bad, more free based jazz session feel to it, but members were often looking to one another with lost expressions as one or more kids would head off in one direction and the others were unsure how to follow, give them a few more nights on the road and they should be on fire. Band worth seeing in a better venue


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