Thursday, May 31, 2007

Slugger Packs a Deep, Slow Wallop

Boxer – The National

Transfixed on the moment and sluggish in anticipation of something worthwhile I knew a knockout was due, I just never saw it coming like it did. Slumped on the mat, fading in and out of consciousness, trying to take hold of something to bring me back, grasp falling short. Steady, baritone and melodious it was drawing me in. The warm flow from nose increased as breathing thinned and slowed. Head throbbing as I went limp, I knew I had been delivered a knock out blow…it’s the best I’ve felt all year.

Boxer comes out intent and focused, determined to prove its worth and in so doing ignoring the glitz and glamour of the many who fall short of the Title. This was my first bout with The National and I was fast learning about the pure nature of the sport and its better students. From its opening stanza Boxer envelops in a comforting bleakness, closing from both sides until there’s no escape. That’s when you know the fight is on, and they’ve already won.

Not looking for the early round knockout Boxer ducks and jabs, sizing you up as you search desperately for a flaw, weakness, anything. Toying with you, it keeps you in the hunt. Green Gloves landing jab after jab, round after round until you're bloodied, bruised and at its mercy.

Mercy never comes though for this thoroughbred takes to life in later rounds with lethal combinations and jaw dropping hooks. When you think you’ve had all you can handle, gloves dropped to side, feet staggered the final blow comes.

Leather slaps your face and brings with it crippling force. Bulbs flash, the room spins, knees buckle…you’ve drawn fell to the knock. As the mat races upward you realize it’s been one of the best brawls you’ve entered, and you never threw a punch.

Others will challenge for supremacy in this ring and many will be worthy of a shot at the Title, most will fall. For now Boxer reins 2007 LTME Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Rating: 9.1

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