Monday, May 21, 2007

Save Net Radio

Discovering new music has become an essential to my life as much as finding food to eat and shelter for which to sleep. I stay in constant connection with others who share a passion for the new and inspiring. Constantly swapping names, venues and means to obtain I do all I can to find the next sound, hence this Blog. Despite the few treasures that one can stumble upon in record stores or in a live performance, the most prolific means to feed the beast is the Internet. Be it band sites, fan sites, music swapping forums, blogs etc., the Internet has become the new King of the jungle in the music world and the old Lion fears the evolution.

A few years back I came across the Music Genome Project. Ever sense this discovery I have not only become an avid fan of the project itself I have also been introduced to numerous bands that are now among my most listened. I have been an advocate of Pandora and Internet radio ever sense.

With new legislation in the works, Internet Radio is about to change forever, and do so for the worse. Forced reallocation of funds to rights owners, music labels etc., the hourly rate Internet radio was once charged will soon become a per song expense, literally pricing all but the deep pocket stations off the web.

This occurred a few years back on your FM radio and the result was Clear Channel, a monster that legalized a black form of payola to manipulate what you are to hear on the radio not based on listenership, fans, critics but rather the almighty dollar.

You may be OK with hearing the same 10 songs on loop when you turn on your radio and it may not bother you that corporate America is censoring radio talk show hosts one after another, but I and a growing number of others are not only outraged we fear the direction of governmental control over what we are allowed to hear and who is allowed to present it to us.

Internet Radio listener or not, this has potential to impact us all. Do your part or in the years to come the Internet will grow closer and closer to parent company owned media such as cable TV and FM radio…which means we lose.

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