Monday, May 14, 2007

New Bern Blues

After a wild weekend of arguing with renta-cops, eating crawfish in a parking lot while the bride and groom's parents do keg stands, struggling through a never ending wedding ceremony and discussing the lighter points of Ohioian leg joints* and mother's milk my thought process is at an all time low. It's been a few days since my last post and until this fog in my head lifts new material is going to be sparse. Here's a collection of audio and video clips to fill the void as I try to figure out my bar tab from The Great Escape.

This is the only song that did not give me a headache as I collapsed on my bed last night.
While You Were Sleeping - Elvis Perkins, from Ashe Wednesday

My favorite video I've seen this year: Ankle Injuries*, Fujiya and Miyagi

Mexician duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela with a simmering performance of Tamacun:

The Only band with more with more hair than My Morning Jacket;
VietNam with Priest, Poet and the Pig

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