Friday, April 13, 2007

Nappy Headed Ho’s, Blaming Being Fat on a Gene & My First Week as a Blogger

Imus got the can, I got a new forum to share my rants without filling up your inbox and fat people got another excuse for being, well fat. These really are exciting times!

I am a huge advocate of Freedom of Speech and feel it’s a cornerstone to our way of life as Americans. I am not condoning Imus’ calling those lesbians “Nappy Headed Ho’s,” but it does bother me greatly that he has been fired for his remarks. After all, his profession is “Radio Host and Personality.” He is not an International News columnist for the Wall St. Journal nor is he a miscreant. The man works in the same profession as Howard Stern and John Boy and Billy and we act stunned when he says something off the cuff! I sympathize with Imus, as I too slam the hammer on the proverbial thumb on an almost weekly basis, but I do not feel the need to chastise and discredit myself just because I cannot keep my mouth shut sometimes. If he cannot express his thoughts, popular or otherwise, then what else do we stand to lose?

For the most part I hate Michael Moore, but I do respect what he does and I feel he best explains American society as a ‘Culture of Fear’. Lawyers and lobbyist (mostly drains on society) react in fear that others may be offended and that they must protect the fragility of the American conscience.

What kind of society do we live in where journalists can openly criticize student athletes as spoiled and hateful people only to find the accusations placed on these very men to have been done so under false pretense and the trial tossed out of court, yet not a single journalist is held accountable for his words? Now Imus ‘was let go’ for hurting people's feelings. Where I come from, accusing someone of rape is a little more serious than calling them a Nappy Headed Ho.

BREAKING NEWS: It’s a gene that makes you fat, not the Double Whopper with fries and a shake you had for lunch.

Scientists say they are making great strides in discovering that which makes people genetically irresponsible for not having any form of self-control when it comes to eating. Soon they hope to discover the genes that make people “go into debt,” “not take care of their kids,” and “be unable to keep a job.”

I promise to keep this blog interesting with a mix of music, media, things that amuse me and of course: personal commentary on whatever topic I so choose. I foresee my commitment to this to be much like everything I do in life; That is to update it quite a bit at first and then not as much, and then after a while kind of get into it again, putting some real effort into it and then just sort of forgetting about it for a while and then you know, maybe get back into it again.

Thanks for stopping by!

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The Wrangler said...

Glad to be a reader. Also, I'm a little uncomfortable commenting about this (recent events and all - that's why this comment is here and not above), but I look forward it never being "too soon" for some "NH-type" humor.