Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bang Bang Banging their way along, The Whigs rock by not rocking so hard, The Wolf's Fur and tying up some loose ends

First I want to thank those that took the time to look at this and give me some feedback. I am pretty overwhelmed by how many of you not only visited but wrote me back with ideas and support. I appreciate that and I will do what I can to work in people’s thoughts.

Closing out the discussion on Imus, I received this article that summarizes best my thoughts on the situation.


Digging up a little info on some of the lesser known bands hitting the long dusty road and joining the party at a couple of the best festivals this summer (Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza) I caught a ride with a group I feel has big potential; Bang Bang Bang.

Drenched in southern gravy rock, this Tennessee crew is best served with a side of fried bacon and runny eggs…and a cold beer. The sound is simple and this kinda simple works. Digging up deep muddy roots of the Southern Rock Kings the Allman’s and Skynyrd, these long haired country boys come rockin’ by way of hard kicks a swift smack of late 90’s grunge to the face.

The lead vocals flirt with the sounds of Collective Soul’s Ed Roland, the girlsish yelp of Nathan Followill(Kings of Leon) and the steady rolling of Tom Petty. The rythyms, sticks, riffs and kicks drip heavy and slow with the sounds of The Black Crowes smothered in southern punk attitude, with a heap of Pearl Jam via the Clash guitars melting down.
Slop some up with your biscuit…

The Whigs...
New Whigs tunes hit the boards via My Old Kentucky Blog. They are in session MOKB-Radio so the sound is taken down to an acoustic set and I must say its stellar and the new track Like a Vibration has got me pumped about a new album. Also, The Whigs have been added to Bonnaroo as well.
Whig out...

The Whigs Like a Vibration
The Whigs Technology
The Whigs Nothing is Easy

Handsome Furs...
Turns out the other guy singing in Wolf Parade is his own breed of wolf, not so sheepishly clad. This lo-fi version of Wolf is very inorganic and deeply repetetive. Watch the creepiest and most indie video ever; http://www.myspace.com/handsomefurs
Snuggle up, handsome devil...

Handsome Furs The Hands of Me

Off to see the Flaming Lips tommorrow, full report of the mayhem to follow.
Keep the friends, family of the victims and the VT community in mind.

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