Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One of dem songs being discussed

Well I first want to thank the handful of you readers that took the time to send a few comments my way. I dig doing this blog on my own and do appreciate when folks take a little effort to give me some form of feedback. A 'you suck' is better than a dead response.

Anyways, there are some obvious picks out in the blogosphere for earlier runners in 2009. That said, LTME ain't listen to no man, he do his pickin' all on his own. So while Grizzly Bear may have one of the best albums of the year, I might not think the infamous "Two Weeks" is the best number (hint: it's not). I do love the video...

If you liked that little ditty be sure to truck it on over to Black Cab Sessions (which I have been pushing for well over a year, but still cannot say enough about), there is a fantastic take on 'All We Ask'

Keep sending comments my way. No one said you are limited to one pick on song/band/album or one comment for that matter.
Thanks for stopping by.