Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scent of Blood

My main Hombre, Mr. E, is all but ready to allow his rabid fans to sink their teeth into his latest, greatest masterpiece, 'Hombre Loco'. The album will be out later this year, sure it will coincide nicely with a full moon.

The new track floating through the tubes of the information superhighway has a very fresh vibe to it, and it sits well with me. I dig the Eels, but do feel they get a little burdened with the lonesome, darker material that plays well with E and strings, but when he has a full backing band and a studio, I say let it rip. The song is aptly titled 'Fresh Blood' and it sounds as though E has been on a bit of an Aphex Twin meets Warren Zevon bender...yeah, it's that good.

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