Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gettin Groovey with Streaming Tunes

Grooveshark, passed along by reader Reed, is perhaps the best music streaming site in the whole damn town. I am a long time advocate of Pandora, but this site is on point.

You can search any band, album or song and play the selection on demand! There is a function to save favorite songs, add to lists etc.

The site offers the ability to embed tracks on Twitter, your blog, FB etc. You can even design a playlist and embed that. Yes, that will be happening on LTME very soon, just don't have time or bandwidth to really explore this thing at work.

In the brief time I have played with it I have been immensly impressed with the bredth of material available, namely live shows, alternate recordings, compilations etc. (all found under one search for Fleet Foxes). I even found Veckatimest (Grizzly Bear), so it appears that the site has the ability to grab unreleased material as well.

All in all a great find. Thanks Reed.

You kids explore and post repsonses.

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