Friday, February 13, 2009

A Perfect Album?

With as little traffic as this blog receives it is foolish to direct readers to other successful, competent blogs and music sites, but who am I kidding here? If nothing else this blog serves as a jump board for a handful of my friends to find out a few little tidbits about bands and pop culture they likely will find out somewhere else later anyways.

That being said, I obviously troll the Internet on my down time at work and grab hold of things that catch my attention. I try to stay away from every little blurb that comes out like, is Joaquin Phoenix really the mad hatter? and Ryan Adams is going to marry Mandy Moore...too well covered, no longer a reason to reread about it here. Occasionally I can't help but throw my two cents worth in even when that dead horse has been loaded up, trucked off and dumped in a new location I am not afraid to break in and give it one more swuft blow (see: Merriweather Post Pavillion review).

I find myself today posting a link to the exact transcript of an album review that instead of mocking myself by trying to put it in my own words, I'll simply secede to an excellent review of an excellent album.

Pitchfork dropped a 10 this morning; the first I've ever seen. I must say, given all the premise and hoopla that comes with Pitchfork I am impressed and somewhat humbled by the album they chose to give this distinction to.

Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys

I am not worthy of this album. But instead of going on and on here (if you read this blog at all you already know I am down with the B-Boys, or you can just find the two t-shirts that I still keep in my drawer at home).

A perfect 10? Why not?

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m. jejune said...

In case anyone was curious, this website claims to list all of the Pitchfork perfect 10s:

I admit that I had to look up 12 Rods, Amon Tobin, and Walt Mink.