Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Film Icon Makes Good With New Indie Pop Release

Davy - Coconut Records

Movie stars who try to be rock stars is an age old conundrum. Everybody from Bruce Willis to Shaq wants to leave their day job for a while and be a star of another realm. As enticing as the thrill of success sounds the ineviatble blunder of failure will likely seize itself as a permanent scar on one's legacy (see 30 Seconds to Mars of whatever that nonsense is that Juliette Lewis did) . Although I must say, Shaq's movies are pretty kick ass.

Jason Schwartzman has pulled off a pretty impressive hat trick in the 89th min with his new realease, Davy. It's Schwartzman's second go round as an indie pop artist and this time his gets it right on. The album is tight, the music more robust and it's clear that he isn't just sitting in his basement thinking up catchy tunes, here he develops his true sense of song structure and lyrical ability. He struts his influences well and never becomes "too much" in that the listener can't help but keep in mind a mental image from Rushmore while listening.

This one won't blow you away, but that was never the intention. Schwartzman takes himself just as seriously as he ought to on this LP and the results are quite commendable.

This one gets 3 ears but my damn graphic won't load correctly. Just look further down on the blog and find one of the 3 1/2 ear reviews and try and then envision what a 3 ear rating would look like in your head. That's more or less what it would look like here.

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