Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello, is there anybody out there?

Just nod if you can hear me...

Seriously folks, or folk, whoever looks at this thing anymore, I am trying to get some input for the astounding yearly LTME Most Essential Albums of 2008!!!! So far Ben hit me up with Little Wayne, an album I don't even care for. Where my dogs at?

Just throw some stuff at me and I'll run from there, pretty easy task to ask.

LTME loves you, but he needs to feel the love as well.


kavorka said...

I'm here for ya, Pue.

Albums of 2008 that I have enjoyed (I wouldn't go so far as to say essential, but...)

Joshua Radin - Simple Times
Chris Knight - Heart of Stone
Conor Oberst - (self-titled)
Bruce Robison - The New World
Allison Moorer - Mockingbird
Hayes Carll - Trouble in Mind
Jack Johnson - Sleep Through the Static


Noah said...

parc avenue
rhumb line
in ear park
modern guilt
ode to sunshine
fleet foxes
cut copy

m. jejune said...

Here are a few albums that I liked, with the caveat that I did not follow music all that closely this year:

a. Pete & the Pirates- Little Death
b. TV on the Radio- Dear, Science
c. Santogold- s/t
d. Deerhunter- Microcastle
e. Dept. of Eagles- In Ear Park
f. Flying Lotus- Los Angeles
g. Gang Gang Dance- Saint Dymphna
h. Broken Social Scene Presents...- Something for All of Us.
i. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson- s/t

These were all good, but not really revelatory. I liked the new Beck, My Morning Jacket, and of Montreal albums also. I'm looking forward to checking out everyone else's recommendations.

Anonymous said...

FLeet foxes

was Iron and Wine new this year?

kavorka said...

"The Shepherd's Dog" by Iron & Wine was released last year, but it's a damn good enough album that it should count for two years.

Great album.

Matt McConnell said...

TV on the Radio- Dear Science
Deerhunter- Microcastle(i used to hate Bradford Cox because I thought his solo stuff was trying to rip off Animal Collective but this album is sick)
Dead Confederate- Wrecking Ball(i have some kind of wicked crush on this band)
Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes
Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
My Morning Jacket- Evil Urges
The Whigs- Mission Control
Marnie Stern- This Is It.....etc.
Dept. of Eagles- In Ear Park
My Brightest Diamond- A Thousand Shark's Teeth(this chick gets no love but i dig her)

IV said...

Talk Radio's Greatest Hits

luke said...

for pue,

bon iver - for emma forever ago
dept of eagles - in ear park
ff - fleet foxes
atlas sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
deerhunter - microcastle
yeasayer-all hour cymbals
the walkmen - you + me

broken social scene at variety on wed.