Monday, February 11, 2008

Watch OUT!, The Whigs are coming your way...

Mission. That's just not the right word. Cause. Conotation of those in need, that won't work either. Purpose. Too defining. Excuse. If by excuse it's implied that I was planning on day drinking, talk to shop owners and slap Whigs garb over town to promote the show already, well then yeah, roll with that. The Whigs. The perfect excuse...not that I was in true need it was a damn near perfect day.

Pics, sweet pics, of team QC putting out the good word.

And just in case you were wondering that is Phil T on a white 'Off the Wall' skateboard circa 1986 purchased on a healthy mid-afternoon buzz for $25 and no he was not wearing a helmet!

Thanks to the Rat's Nest in NODA for the well placed sign, knowing of the Whigs (and the Sammies) and for selling Phil a rad board.

A little signage at my favorite sandwich spot, Common Market Deli...the folks there are just so friendly.

Another fine Deli for those kids over in NODA, Salvidor Deli does the good deed. Then some brews at Solistice Tavern. All the kids in NODA were supportive, gracias amigos.

Promoting made us thirsty and in need of a few rounds of corn-hole before we made the final push to South End for Manifest Records, Fat Burrito and American Apparel...HOLLA!

Thanks to Thomas St. Tavern, the Penguin, Lunchbox Records, Philosopher's Stone and the crazy thrift store on Central with the hip mamma that discussed retro chairs with us...Phil buy one!

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