Friday, February 1, 2008

Revs...if you're into the whole brevity thing

It has come to my attention that you people have trouble following my reviews for various reasons. I try to make my interpretation different from the norm, else why bother. But with a time press to post this week and nothing that has overly inspired me to review, here is the simple man’s review to three new albums.

Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
Catchy, simple, pleasing pop tunes. Evokes everything from Arctic Monkeys to island music with a splash of the Clash/Specials and the indie spirit. Short, focused songs, similar in style but varied enough in structure and tempo to make the album worth listening to in whole. This will be a great album to play come Springtime.

The Whitsundays – The Whitsundays

If the lead singer of the Cure was into Buddy Holly, this is the album he would make. This album is light in ambition but strong in delivery. Nothing earth shattering, but sometimes keeping it simple and making it sound good is the best route to take. The songs have a floating sound and make for ideal background music.

In the Future – Black Mountain

I miss the funk and fun of their debut, but if you can put what’s missing aside the core of this album is impressive. Far darker, less joyous in melody and instrumentation, the second album for Black Mountain finds itself deep in the psychedelic realm. The songs are powerful, but the creativeness seems lacking. I expected far more from a band that took this long to follow up on a stellar debut.

Hope you are happy, that was boring for me.


jct said...

You are going to risk your sanity and see Mofro again? Ah, memories.

Oh yeah...Death to the left-brained narcs!

The Wrangler said...

"You people"? You no-good, whitey music-reviewin', kaopectate lookin' bastard! I oughta come up there and shove a Queen City-sized fist up your... If I had a nickel for every time some indie music reviewer talked down to my people, I'd put that money in a sock and swing it right up into your little man-bags.