Friday, October 26, 2007

Spoon fed Delight

The Ponys and Spoon, Orange Peel, Asheville, NC - 10/24/07

So what’s the deal here? [me]
About the parking? [front desk/parking attendent/burnout]
Yeah, what do we need to do?
Yeah. Wait, you have to pay after six.
(subtle glance to watch, 8:12pm) I think we’re alright.
Aarghh, man I mean six in the morning.
(Phil begin to loose it)
Well how long are you guys gonna be here?
We’re just gonna grab a bite, head to a show and then get on the road.
Yeah. So where can we park?
You know where the venue is on Biltmore?
Right, just over there (I point knowingly direction of Orange Peel)
You’ll see a corner. Right. And there will be some cars and stuff. That’s good
Well thanks for your help.
Yeah man.
What are you in the mood for? I kinda want a taco, Asheville has some good food, but we are short on time. [me]
Let’s get a slice. [Phil]
We don’t have time there.
(we walk aimlessly for 12min looking)
I bet there is some awesome place right by the venue.
No, I’m sure there is nothing next to it.
(settle for sports bar to watch Sox-Rockies, grab a brew and our tacos, steak, delicious)
(en route to Peel, in rain, pass taco place next to venue, looks great)
Ahh man! [Phil}
I know right man! [random bum on street chimming in]
My boots are on the mend and they ain't walking home
Street tar in summer will do a job on your soul
Ponys, The.
Caught the last few songs. Lively bunch. Chicago. Lot of show, not very refined, but it fits with the punk overtones. Last song gets positive feedback, crowd pleased and packed in. New Album is good from these kids, check it out.
Lot of good looking girls. Lot of X on their hands. I grab beers.
Hippies, confused people, hipsters, outdoor enthusiasts, folks far too old but trying to be cool (whatever cool is these days), girls (some of age)(many with the X).
Great Venue. Square, open, lot of character.
Spoon is tight. Maybe too tight. They blend Pop, Punk, Country and Distortion so well it borders on perfectionism. They have an extensive catalog. They are proud and play it all. The crowd knows the music and things are right on track.
Been a Spoon fan since ’03. I own everything. Been wanting to see them live for ages. What I saw on Wed was perfect.
They have a style. It is clean but wild. Jangly, jumpy and measured. Spoon knows what they have is good, and they know they can mix songs from across their range. This makes for listening enjoyment. The songs are direct, no filler, no ballads or epic length. This allows for hit after hit and they come and they come. Brit Daniel, plucks at his chords with a blasé punk showmanship and his voice is more authentic than I was expecting. I also did not expect the amount of dubbed, tracked and synthesized sounds that they incorporate into their live set. Those that want to see and band and have it sound like it does on the album, this is your band. They are polished, and even when there were technical difficulties they kept it together and never slowed down or got out of their focus. Intent to please.
I’ve heard people say Spoon is like background music and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab) once called Spoon’s albums, the best movie soundtracks around. I was more than pleased with the energy, the fervor and entertainment value of the live material. They aren’t going to surprise you with altered renditions of blow away live jams and stage antics. The draw comes in the exactness and professionalism of the work. When I listen to bands I often have an mini show in my head either imaging what they would be like live or recalling what it was like if I’ve seen them. This was to a tee what I had had in my head. That’s very gratifying…not amazing, but more than anything the show solidified my love for this band.
Returning from the set break, Brit told the crowd that the band was backstage judging us. He says we judge them all night when they play, so when they went in the back they judged us as a crowd. We earned high remarks and were treated with a stellar encore.
Don’t You Evah, Small Stakes, Don’t Make Me a Target, Someone Something, Stay Don’t Go, Beast and Dragon Adored, The Ghost of You Lingers, I Turn My Camera On, You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb, The Underdog, My Little Japanese Cigarette Case, Black Like Me, Sister Jack, Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine, My Mathematical Mind, Everything Hits At Once, Stay Don’t Go, Don’t Let It Get You Down, The Way We Get By etc. etc. They played so many fantastic songs, without even getting to some of my favorites.
That’s rare. That’s a reason to see them again. That’s a great sign for a great band.
My faith is Spoon is reaffirmed.
Long drive back to Charlotte, Phil crashes, it rains, I listen to a lot of Dance techno.
Next day my dad asks who I saw.
Spoon, from Texas.
You guys have a good time with them, it was raining?
Yeah dad, we had a good time.

Now you know your way back from the spirit far
Brush your teeth for bed
Blow out that cherry bomb
Blow out that cherry bomb for me

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