Monday, October 1, 2007

Jejune? Quite the opposite!

Despite the lilliputian of my readers, Jejune, once again, steps up to the challenge. Modecai WTF?

Jejune in black, LTME in green:

a. "Farewell to the Pressure Kids", Kevin Drew.
Jejune I could use some insight here. I've tried to like BSS, I really have, I own an album and ALL the must have tracks, don't get it. What am I missing? What does Kevin do here on this effort that sets it aside from a BSS album?

b. "Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)", Deer Tick. This entire album is really good. Definitely in my top 5 of the year. BCP, you need to write this one up.
Thanks for the tip, haven't given Deer Tick a spin, will acquire, listen and review.

c. "West Side", Studio
"Never Heard of It", LTME

d. "I Feel it All", by Luke's girlfriend. Her successful solo career probably means that BSS will never properly reunite, but at least we got a good record out of it.
Now I get her and this album, won't mind if she stuck with her not BSS role, but I think in light of the success of the side projects the inevitable reunion will be massive. I would have to agree that is a great album, and a solid song from the album...and Luke she's already going to Prom with me.

e. "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb", Spoon.
Personally Black Like Me is best on the album, but this is awesome in its own right.

f. "Hare Lipped Bust", Ham1. For the skinny jeans wearers in the Classic City.
Again, Jejune throwing me a curve ball...I need to step my game up, or you need to let me know more about what I am missing.

Now the songs I think made the year so far...both mainstream and under the radar (in no order and essentially 12)

"Anti - Anti" - Snowden
"D.A.N.C.E." - Justice
"Young Folks" - Peter, Bjorn and John
"Effect and Cause" - White Stripes
"To the Dogs or Whoever" - Josh Ritter
"All My Friends" - LCD Soundsystem
"Devastation" - The Besnard Lakes
"1234" - Feist
"Thimble" - Arizona
"Handsome Furs Hate This City" - Handsome Furs
"Black Like Me" - Spoon
"See a Penny (Pick it Up)" - YACHT
Baker's Dozener*...."Imitosis" - Andrew Bird

And of course all that Kanye jazz and that "Delilah" song (which sucks, but is inescapable).

As for the rest of 2007; I have a presentiment that sounds will be sweet and bold and with the RADIOHEAD announcements possibly even industry changing.
Here's to what's to come...Sunset Rubdown, Band of Horses, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Beirut, R.E.M., Neil Young, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Lupe Fiasco, The Whigs and so on and so on.......

*Thanks for letting me steal your idea Noah.

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Jay said...

yo, deer tick is a vary nice. "dirty dishes," #4 on war elephant is easily in my top 10 for this year. also appreciate the jay the intern shout out. im pretty embarrased though, seeing as how i havent posted since july 3. don't worry, i'll be back. by the way, do you know what's up with the biscuit blog hiatus?