Monday, August 20, 2007

These Freaks really do have no Fear

Last night I rented Fearless Freaks, an amazing documentary on the Flaming Lips, a little psychedelic band from Oklahoma City, OK...they're not half bad.

The film tracks the band over a span of 10yrs and include footage from home movies of the Coyne clan, early recording sessions, live footage, first hand accounts of the band members (current a past) and plenty of Wayne, which is always a delight. Following from the early Phsyc days into more punk then the creation of the sound that now defines the band, the journey is bold and incredibly unique.

It's without a doubt the most sincere and intimate documentary on a band I have ever seen. Where I am Trying to Break Your Heart alludes to issues surrounding Wilco, Freaks throws it in your face. Tales of death, the beauty of life and second chances and the ever present drug abuse that strangles the members of both the band and their families, its unlike anything I had watched on a band before. There is a small segment with Steven Drozd in a garage as he confides in long time friend and band filmologist Bradley Beesley about his battles with heroin and even captures him using the drug and detailing the feeling his gets. Later a confrontation in which Wayne punches Steven in the face several times and forces him to reevaluate himself is a powerful moment.

Throughout the music and the art are important aspects, but its really the band members their struggles with family, drugs, art and life that make this a worthwhile watch.

There is also plenty of rare footage of the band with contemporaries, Butthole Surfers, live footage with The White Stripes and talk of former tours with everyone from Tool to RHCP.

Fearlessly Fascinating, I highly recommend it to any fan of the band or music and bands in general.

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