Friday, July 13, 2007

Now listen here, you listen where, we listen hear

The pop rock gods have graced us with two idols, worship as you will…

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - Spoon

There comes a time, then there’ll come a rhyme and you keep this together, sets ease to your mind. The ease in his ways, with so much that he’ll say, the words may be few, but always speaking the truth. Resembles the past, but old ways don’t last; deliver the beats, then shuffle your feet. You’re back where you started, but nothings the same, all that lingers is a face and a name. Oh what a feat.

Still rockin’ the crew, but your sound is so new; if you didn’t evolve, what else would you do? Threw in some horns, lyrics that burn; a shake here and where, so perk up dem ears. Proud of yourself, proud of them boys, proud of them sounds, makin’ much noise. Stayin' true to your fans, but fulfillin’ the needs. You leave ‘em speechless, down on their knees.

So now it's New to you.
So so True.
Then Covers you Blue.
Keep Thinkin’ you knew.
Drips through the songs.
Perfect, now nothing is wrong.
Yeah Alright, Alright?

It comes through in the night, sound without sight; voices that reckon like the sounds in your head. A ghost is in town, strung out with frown, in evening gown. You wanna speak back, but don’t know what they’ve said. So turn the page closin' that book, turn out the light, next when you look you keep on listenin’ and it works out right.
Yeah Alright, Alright!

It's just Spoon...

Rating – 8.6

Fameseeker and the Mono EP - Arizona

Cry into the night…try, try to take flight. Tiptoe, there’s the jingle; ring, ring, ring here’s a single. Don’t come ALONE.

Down into the voices…light, light but full of choices. Stomp hard, there’s the rattle; bang, bang, bang you come so far. Let’s be BOLD.

It was not small, just feeling it's way along. The Children are still Welcome, oh oh how they are so. Trying to make a name stick, spread the word to those that don’t know. So, so bring on the Fameseeker who brings with him Mono.
Let’s loose CONTROL.

The first album was a highlight of ’06, a sense of wide open sounds, that still stay within reach, always uplifting and darkly poppy. Songs like Some Kind of Chill and Splintering made every playlist I had and the album as a complete work took some time to sink in, but it sunk deep.

Here we find the band very much in the same vein as the original release, just making what was once on their fringe now the norm with a tight yet airy EP. Thimble is a delight and possibly their first successful single. Bird on the Floor is just a perfect background song. Streetsweeper brings out the rock side of the group’s sound and Midday Midnight is a perfect folk pop song, jangly and heavy on vocals.

A breath of creative fresh air in a somewhat predictable landscape. The Fameseeker may need to look no further than Arizona.

Kind, kind are the voices, loud loud be the sound. Now they’re running quickly; rising from the ground.
We’ll reach the STARS.

Rating – 7.9

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