Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Grab a stool partna, we got's summin we need to discuss

Wild Mountain Nation - Blitzen Trapper

Say partner, that’s one heck of a bootleg you got there. This some kinda unknown Kinks album or some obscure Three Dog Night punk cover band, just what you got cookin’?

Wait, now it sounds like you listenin’ to some Beck or Eels…Nah, hold on now this song is kinda like Pavement or even some backwoods version of Tapes ‘N Tapes. Just what are trying to pull with this here record bud?

Blitzer Trappen? Why I ain’t never heard tell of no Blitzer Trappen. Come again boy?

Ah, Blitzen Trapper from Port town, Oregon. Still got nothing, but this is one heck of a shindig you got spinnin’.

Wild Mountain Nation, now a man could get to steppin’ to a beat like that. Shame there ain’t no split tail in this Saloon. Kinda a swirly jaunt that sets the sun in me, then shakes off a dusty glove to grab hold of a sippin and at the same time keepin’ them weird lookin’ PBR drinkin folk from the city in the grins. That ain’t no easy feat, I tell you me.

This one here, Country Caravan, that’s just downright good 70’s country rock and it suits up nicely to Wild Mountain Jam, heck I even think I like that first one you played there, what was it called again? Right, Devils A-Go-Go. Don’t mind if I do.

Futures and Folly, just feels good donnit, real simple like. That ain’t to say that I can’t get me into some trouble off that Woof and Warp of the sometin’ sometin’. For the most part that one is real nice, but I leave her and her friend Sci-Fi Kid to the boys in the vintage T’s drinking $8 coffee’s.

Believe me now or leave me good for the vultures right here, but my horse and my word are safe with that crazy one Miss Spiritual Tramp. You know if she courtin’ dese days?

Well heck boy, I gots to hit the trail but you sure did make this an interesting spot off. Imagine I’ll carry these tunes in my head most all summer, might even join me up Wild Nation Jam.

‘I twas a drive by, Colobean necktie, da da dan da’

Rating: 8.4

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