Friday, June 15, 2007

You ever dance with the Devil in the pale moon light?

2013 Wolves, Stone Figs, Battles – 6/14/07 The Milestone, Charlotte, NC

I never had full view, but the moon is sure to have been blue.

There are worthy venues and there are poor ones.
Every once in a while the night moon lights the way to that which the sun keeps hidden. Shadows lurk from here to there leaping past one another headed in a direction unknown to most. Creatures that nestle in the warm underbelly of the city where few have ever ventured rise and come to be. Nightwalkers know these shadows and know them well. They trust the disjointed leaps and array of misdirection for they know in the end, the shadow will drop and the pale of the moon glows bright upon the Queen City’s holy shrine of the unknown.

There are superior bands and there are dire ones.
Unexpected cosmic revelations inspire the minds and predict the future, if you take to the fate of the stars. I stand more grounded, occasionally venturing into the nether region. The live show, when executed correctly, can knock my orbit off kilter and send me spinning out of this galaxy.

On a misty, murky night in the month of Junus, the stars did align.


Ducking past the doorway I stepped foot into uncharted territory and found myself right at home. Scribbling, splatter, and slapped serve as the décor where vindications such as ‘Mess with me and you get the whole trailer park’ set the tempo. When they speak it, they speak of the Milestone.

I steered my craft beyond the bedheads, skintight denim, mustaches and black frame glasses of the nightwalkers to a region my crew and I are more accustomed to…the bar. We bellied up to three of the Lucky Cowgirl on the Moon’s and pondered how being born under different phases of the dead star that orbits the third rock from the sun we all shared the same horoscope: June 14th, 2007 – Take that risk and try something different. You’ll be glad you did when you find something new in the same old places.


2013 Wolves

Exiting the main room on a beer run I noticed the sound of heavy drumming and slicing guitar licks growing louder and louder. I also noticed that everyone in the bar room was facing in one direction and that they were bobbing their head to the beat. Then I noticed we were missing the opening act because we were in the wrong room.

Not at all what I expected from them, I dug 2013 Wolves and their garage rock meets math rock sound. Situated at the back of the room it was difficult to see the duo, but I was able to grab glimpses of the drummer, steadfast cranking away…which would be a theme for the event.

Self proclaimed white trash, 2013 Wolves wailed hard, despite being down one maybe two members? There was no denying the punk/southern rock guitar bellowing out of the speakers playing hand in hand to the smashing drums, its just that none of us even knew where the hell he was. Running with the pack, we just bobbed along to the sounds and read the graffiti and signage that littered the walls and ceilings. Both were highly entertaining. It wasn’t until the end of the set that the ‘down man’ rose from the edge of the small stage whence he was seated throughout. I’ll be damned, he was there all along.

On cue, as Wolves wrapped it up, the strums of post-punk punk pop began to make its way from the main room and the crowd knowingly made their way over to catch Stone Figs…the transition between rooms and genres was one of the coolest experiences I have had in my world of seeing live music, and I had no idea this kind of scene was even going on in Charlotte!

Stone Figs

Standing amongst the hipsters with a Moon Woman in grasp, I was startled when the punk yelp slapped me in the face from a good foot away. Situated on the floor in front of the stage the Stone Figs literally were rocking in and with the crowd. Not brilliant, but highly engaging and energetic I was a fan by the end of the stand. Indie Hip to the tee, these kids were donning the cliché of the cliché in garb and many times I was tempted to reach forward and pull the pink headband down over the guitarists eyes…just because I could. These punks did show some true musical virtuoso as they played musical chairs on the bass, guitar and drums, never skipping a beat. With the crowd huddled in tight and the room growing more awake the Stone Figs finished out strong and perfectly set the stage for the night’s main attraction.

You told me you love me, well I've heard that lie before.
You say that you miss me, well you're gonna have to miss me some more.



Thwap thwap Thwap, Badum badum badum, danana danana danna nanna na, psssss zippp zippp zippp, Wack

Battles is a word and that word is phenomenal.

Experimentalism done right. Without question one of the most amzing + bands I have ever seen. Their musical prowess and know how is nearly unmatched. Mixxing looped vocal elements and awing guitar riffs, the songs built on top of each other at light speed. The drming alone could have been a show and were that the case it would have been an amazing show and I would go see it again tonight, tom night and twice on Sunday. The précis - on and timing thez men displayed was, man I don’t know how to even put any of this in words, it was just downright awwesome!

Whirrl whirrl whirrl, sump sump sump, whiiip whiip whip, Slam ++

Tonto, Race: In, Atlas etc. the stellar set list was matched only by the musiicians themselves. Prerecording subtle vocals, Tyondai Braxton, added to the death defying drum work in powerful, but mathematically precise ingenuity. Multi instrumentalist and now the hardest working man in show biz, Ian Williams, was a wizard conducting a mad orchestra on the guitar and keys. With s=weat flying, beats dropping and wonderment multiplying, the crowd swarmed around the foursome, piling on shoulders, standing on odd pieces of furniture and equipment in hopes of a closer look at the musical brain surgeons slicing and dicing the known and accepted mmusical cadaver in Milestone ER. Swapping chords, jumping from laptop to keyboard, wrecking shop on the turn knobs and causing mayhem in general the astronauts Battle entered and exited the solar system sending beats along disjointed{} leaps through an array of misdirection of solos, plugging loops, and dept timing, leaving the crowd stunned in the best possible way.

Zanngg zangg zang, tazapttt tazaptt tazapt, minus mins, plus plsu, divide divd, remndr

Taking only one brief break in the acttion, which appearded to have only been done so to prevent members of the band from tumbling to the ground in exhaustion, Battles shook the foundation of CCharlotte’s best venue and when they were done they took their applause and whispered away into the shadows of the night. Numbered. Executed. Mirrored.


Worthy and Superior, I stumbled through the night and found the inspiration of true musical masterminds and my new personal music mecca.

All praise Junus!

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