Friday, September 18, 2009

Dust of Your Caps

Oh My God, Charlie Darwin – The Low Anthem

While I am on the topic of superior second albums let’s dive into The Low Anthem’s bold leap forward. The Low Anthem is not my new favorite band and they underwhelmed me in a hostile crowd at bonnaroo this summer, but there is a profound directness and dusty happiness to their world.

OMGCD shows a major versatility for a young band, especially a band that does wear the tag of new folk…shoot they flat out rock at times and other times it simmers like a bluesy jazz number. In the middle of the whole thing is pure goodness.

Ticket Taker may be the first song to hit you when you realize the band has evolved (or revolved?, I’m kinda confusing myself of late) but by the time The Horizon is a Beltway comes galloping through, it’s almost impossible not to swagger your stride.

As has been their strongest suite to date, Low Anthem’s lyrics are worthy of written prose. They swell with life and vigor; storytelling through song as it should be. I find myself daydreaming to almost every track here, picturing myself in a more rustic world, working the earth and being a little dusty myself.

I am excited to see where this band is headed for the future. For now, they have released one of the better albums of the year.


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