Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heavy Hitters, New Album Reviews

Farm - Dinsaur Jr.

Brah, fear not, rock is good hands indeed. J Mascis is a guitar god, much like Mr. White of below, but in a different manner and style...and volume. Dinsaur Jr. may is the rare band to grow over the years in the best possible direction, towards perfection of their craft. They are the quinessential stoner rockers of the alternative era of music and still manage to wow the hard to win over hipsters and modern day rockers because they produce enequivacally the purest of rock around. They try to be nothing but themselves and that's damn plenty. Like Built to Spill, they excell at trying to not excell while making great music. Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective may be the modern movement of indie rock, but they work their collective asses off to come up with soemthing that would be judged to death or written off as unworthy. Dino Jr. just says fuck it and let's it rip. That's not to say they don't care about their art or don't aspire like others bands, it just means they don't have to work so hard, they're just that damn good. I hope the Whigs open for this band, it's a hard rockers dream. Farm is a an awesome rocker.

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Matt McConnell said...

Are those hobbits they're carrying on the album cover? Rock on.