Friday, June 19, 2009


It seems a terrible fire broke out at the Georgia Theatre early this morning, the blaze lasted well over an hour, no reports yet on the extent of the damage. I cannot express how sad I am about this, I love that place. I have spent many, many nights on that floor and it holds some of my most fond memories from college and since.

I can only hope that there is enough to rebuilt and make it stronger and better for generations to come. As mush as I loved it, I recognize that it was in need of some major renovations. Something tells me some bad wiring or something sparked this thing, I hope it is not some story about a cig falling to the floor and burning the place down.

Article here:


reid said...

Because there's no way you've already seen this video.

Matt McConnell said...

Damn, that totally ruined my whole Pgroove weekend.