Thursday, December 18, 2008

#3 You and Me - The Walkmen

The laughing from the table behind reminds you of home and all the ways things were in light of what they’ve become. More sullen now, you’ve steadied, but appreciate more. The laughing brings you to a better place. A different time, lighter than the world you live. It’s what you need now, then, always.

It’s dim in here but there’s a breathe to the air. This is your favorite bar. You speak to no one for hours. Just you, the bartender, the old mahogany, the wobble of stool, the glimmer of neon and the fuzz of the jukebox. It’s early now and soon they’ll arrive. They always do. They are your friends. You share the good times with sincerity, you hold tight in times of need, always proud to say who you are where you are headed.

Direct as you’ve ever been. This is you and they are you all the same.

She’s the first one to join and she envelops you with all that is right by giving nothing less than everything in a smile. Light and beautiful, her laugh focuses you on now, here. These are the good days. These are the good times.

Before long you flow into the bar, you are the stool, you are laughter, and your sight is neon and joyous.

You sing songs, tell stories, the day becomes night, night falls into nothing, you just are and they are with you all the same.

Crashed up a party, nickels and dimes
A handful of strangers, All friends of mine

The year is nearly gone as outside confusion drives tight. Inside we keep the outside far from our sight. I’m growing bolder so I pull you in tight.

You are the morning
I am the night
I was the only one
Left at the right time

You are a love song I’d love to sing, just can’t seem to grasp the fading melody. Drinks and cigars, tall tales and scars. I am in high times, this will be our year!

I’ll tell you I love you
And my heart’s in the strangest place
That’s how it started
And that’s how it ends

We’ll do this together, this one and that one, with her and with him. They’re me, I’m them and you are all that I need. So tonight we’ll be crazy as kooks and soon you’ll see, that this here world it’s for You and Me.

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