Thursday, October 2, 2008

He's Got the Whole World in his Hand

Trick is, that hand’s got a sequined white glove drawn tight, with the index finger pointed to the sky. Now it may be an overzealous statement to wear a single glove and use it to define your prowess, but when you are the Greatest Pop Phenomenon to ever walk the earth, well, if the glove fits…

Born into a family with musical aspirations far exceeding the realm of possibility, Michael came of age under the searing spotlight, never imagining a world where he would not be the Greatest. It’s his naïve expectations of a predestined path that allowed him to never once question his own abilities and thus become a sensation unlike the world has ever known. It’s this same school of thought that has also forced him to become a recluse, a social outcast and a man of questionable character.

Regardless of the accusations, the pet monkeys, McCaulay Culkin and the amusement parks, there is without question one resounding fact about Michael Jackson: He is the King of Pop.

The Moon Walk, Billie Jean, Dancing Zombies, The Greatest Selling Album of All Time, 2 Time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Black or White?, 13 #1 Singles, the hat, the jacket and the glove. Everything Michael does makes him more of an iconoclastic media star. He defines an era of music, culture and expression. He overcame adversity, troubled family issues, the pressures of being on top and he did it all in his own style.

It would difficult to find a human over the age of 13 that has not at least heard of Michael Jackson in some way shape or form or at least be once removed from someone who has. That is the kind of name power given to Dictators, Leaders, Religious figureheads and the rarest of artists. But that’s just it, Michael is among the rarest of all artists.

But is he the greatest?

The boy can dance, the boy can sing. He’s got a look, he’s got a way. But he also has competition.

The man in the Purple Suit…

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