Monday, April 28, 2008

The Whigs Come Home...Bring Friends

From Reader Mike who attended (Reader Murtaugh blacked out and offered nothing):

Chi Phi had Lost Weekend up in Athens yesterday. The line up was pretty sick. More sick than I could have assembled a few years ago. The bill was as follows: Patterson Hood, The Dead Confederates, The Whigs and an Athens Super Group of Townies fronted by Clay Everitt playing Stones covers.The highlight of the Whig set was Parker telling the crowd about starting in Athens however many years ago and gesturing towards the SAE house. Then out from the green room (yeah, the fucking kids had an outdoor, covered, enclosed green room by the stage), came Hank. He walked over, exchanged some pleasantries with Tim, took the bass and the original Whigs line up ripped into "Give 'em a Big Fat Lip," including some bass flourishes that aren't on the recording. The crowd went nuts and Hank played his face off. After the song, Tim did a "we're not worthy" bow to Hank, took the bass and the show resumed. Other highlights include a covers by The Remotes (I don't know, I missed the first couple songs), The Who, and The Rolling Stones "Get off of my cloud," semi addressing the irony of the Whigs kind of Opening for a cover band.

*Corrections: They played a Ramones (Remotes. I'm an idiot.) cover that I didn't hear. And they also covered John Lennon's Instant Karma, which I totally forgot about til I talked to Devon. Also, Hank did in fact play with them for Give 'em a big fat lip.

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