Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007, we bid you Farewell!

Thanks to those kept up with the reviews, that was far more of an undertaking that I had imagined, but I do appreciate those that responded.

Speaking of responding, I am looking to get more reader input going with this blog. Posting your reviews of albums, shows, movies, books, news, media…whatever. Post comments; give me feedback on what you want more of and what you can do without.

Essential Albums that might have made the cut had I heard them more/sooner.

LP – Holy Fuck
Wierdo Rippers – No Age
All Hour CymbalsYeasayer
I Was Submerged – Tulsa
Easy Tiger – Ryan Adams
Person Pitch – Panda Bear (Jejune, I broke down and got it, no AC, but solid nonetheless)

And this little album; review from McConnell:

Dead Confederate - Dead Confederate
Could it be? Another band to hail from the City of Dreams. Yes, its true. Dead Confederate has emerged from our dear Athens, GA to spill their venom on the rest of the music world. I first heard the band through a chance encounter this past October at the Echo Project. I was impressed with their ability to bring a solid sound at an outdoor venue. I grabbed their EP, The News Underneath, for five bucks. Although I was instantly intrigued, it really took me a couple of listens to get hooked. I have since been delighted by my newfound treasure. Having been compared by the "real" critics to MMJ and Band of Horses, there is definitely something eerie and airy about their sound that leaves the soul drooling for more. Their sound can be best described as a grunge-infused darker psych-rock. The strongest songs on The News Underneath EP were carried over to Dead Confederate. The EP opens with the quasi ballad of "Memorial Day Night" before transitioning into one of their oldest songs. A stronger song,"The Rat", seems to lull you into submission with a constant drum beat before the powerful chorus sneaks up from behind to punch you in the face. Powerful instrumentals resonate throughout next two tracks, "Tortured Artist Saint" and "Get Out". The ethereal guitar sounds captured by the likes of MMJ are especially potent in "Get Out". The record wraps up rocking out with "Shadow the Walls" and as quick as the joy ride had begun, it is over. At times, it seems almost as if Kurt Cobain has returned to the planet of the apes to haunt the vocal chords of lead singer, Hardy Morrris. I've missed you Kurt. Since my first drink at the Echo Project, I have seen the band open for the Black Angels and then the Black Lips. They keep getting better and I find myself more and more inebriated. I'm looking forward to their next show December 19th at Smith's Olde Bar and their release party on the 22nd at Red Lion Pub. With the release of their LP early next year, you can expect big things from Dead Confederate in 2008.
Here are a few gifts for the Holiday Season:
Hope you enjoy the holidays and I will be back rockin' out in '08.

(Black Mountain, The Whigs, Tapes ‘N Tapes, My Morning Jacket, Wolfmother, Wolf Parade, DeVotchKa, Stepehen Malkmus, Britt Daniel, Franz Ferdinand, Postal Service, The Raconteurs, Islands, R.E.M., Blur and much, much more to come in ’08)

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