Thursday, November 29, 2007

Essentially, I am putting you to work

I have enlisted Jejune to review an album* for the list and it got me thinking 'why not let others take a crack at it?' So, if there is an album you have a passion for and would like to post a review let me know or just send it in and I'll either post it as part of the list (if album is on the list or not yet reviewed) or I'll include an extra post with readers reviews for albums that I have already reviewed but you have a different opinion (throw in a Wilco, Ryan Adams, Broken West, Dead Confederate etc.) or those albums that I did not review.

I can also do a another post like this and make even more wordy and slightly more confusing and redundant to read.

It's really up to you.

*Jejune is reviewing Hissing Fauna, are you really that good?- Of Montreal


Jay said...

Tell me an album to review. You haven't reviewed Dead Confederate yet. Have you listened to Tulsa--I was Submerged EP? That should be in your top 20. I could review Phosphorescent if that's gonna be on your list? Or Kidz Bop or Exile on Mainstream you tell me.

Also, do you already have tickets for Friday?

bcp said...

Feel free to review what you choose. To be honest I haven't given a fair shake to any of these albums. I did pick up Phosphorescent off your rec, but I am still warming up to it. Can't promise it will make my top 12, but I would love to post a review from ya.

As for the tickets to Friday, I got nothing. What am I missing out on?

Jay said...

I meant the Black Lips show in Charlotte. Should have said next Friday. Also, check out this...

THe last two albums were a joke. What is gonna be in the top twelve????